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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.11 - Mount inventories
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Patch 3.11a:
- Added a transition between sprinting and strafing, with slightly higher speed. Feels much smoother for the person but doesn't impact evading much in the perspective of others.
- Tapping movement, except swimming, should no longer consume stamina without limits. it will now properly consume stamina over time. We expect stamina management to be much easier post patch and will await feedback.
- We have buffed Toxic Rain to serve its niche of infliction damage on more protected targets.
- Reduced rays' animation timer once the spell is casted to match other spells. This should allow much smoother weaving and comboing.
- Fixed a client crash when leaving gui mode too fast after clicking on the unspawn mount option.
- A message is now displayed onscreen when a mount inventory reaches its maximum weight.
- Unspawning an attached mount should no longer start then immediately kill a timer, and should instead give chat and onscreen feedback.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.12 - Timed blocking
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Patch 3.12

Timed blocking:
- Starting to parry will interrupt your current attack
- When you start to parry, there is a 0.5s window where you will do a "timed" block/parry with maximum damage mitigation.
- Starting to parry costs 4 stamina and keeps the character parrying for 0.3s.
- After the perfect parry window, there is a 0.5s period where damage mitigation progressively lowers down to regular parrying values.
- Perfect blocking a melee attack with a shield will cost stamina to the attacker proportionally to the damage mitigated.
- Damage mitigation values are as follows:
   - One handed and shield: 80% timed, 50% regular.
   - Two handed weapons: 65% timed, 35% regular.
   - One handed alone: 50% timed, 25% regular.
- Disabling blow and disabling shot:
   - Can only be done on a character that is parrying or has been parrying in the last 200ms.
   - Lasts 2 to 4 seconds and has a cooldown of around 8 to 10 seconds depending on weapon attack speed.

Character progression:
- All skills, sub skills and non-linked abilities are now part of the meditation system.
- The meditation timescale has been reworked to be linear to encourage active gameplay over disconnecting at low to medium level.
- Meditation cost per hour increases based on skill level, to reward participating in openworld activities as the player becomes more advanced.
- Wisdom can no longer be meditated, and wisdom no longer impacts max mana.
- Harvesting skills will provide attributes other than wisdom at half the rate.
- Archery will now level endurance.
- Archery's leveling speed has been reduced by 20%.
- Melee weapon leveling speed has been increased to match Archery's leveling speed, with tweaks to take attack speed and damage into account.
- This should increase the leveling speed of strength, vitality and quickness.

Distances based harvesting evolution:
Fishing, chaos chests and treasure maps are now part of the distance base mechanic.
The calculation of the distance has been reworked to be a more accurate heatmap of how "civilized" a location is.
A location surrounded with many banks and guard towers will be lower, while a location close to only a single wilderness bank will be better, even if closer to the bank.
The center area of the map is now considered a wasteland that isn't appealing for harvesting.

New map marker icons:
A new icon system has been implemented for each type of point of interest on the map. Some markers can now be "qualified" with a main marker and a smaller addition on top of it.
Additionally, performances should be improved with map markers activated.

- Spells have had their damage frontloaded. The most noticeable aspect is that there are no longer 25 levels increments and no surging system anymore. Secondary effects will come in the next patch.
- In that process, we have changed the scaling of level, gear and staves to be felt more. This increases slightly the average magic damage, especially on bolt which used to scale very little.

- The mana burn effect of hasten spells has been divided by two.
- Physical debuff duration has been slightly increased.
- Increased casting speed of all buff others by 60%. This should make them much easier to use in the flow of battle.
- Toggle buffs are now instant and have their mana cost reduced to 3 mana.
- Exhaust, undeath and burden now have the same duration as spellchanting hymns.
- Monsters can now be debuffed just as much as players.

- Rays power discrepancy has been reduced. Unholy caress hasn't changed but the other rays were brought in line with it.
- Impale does piercing damage and meteor strike does bludgeoning damage now.
- Bolts now cost only one reagent, the reagent of the school.
- Rays now cost one reagent when instant, two when charged up.

- Beacon and smoke signal now have a cooldown of 10 seconds, a cast time equivalent to a bolt and a reach increase from 40m to 70m.
- Reflect spell has been changed to be used reactively: base stats are 500ms cast time, 10 second cooldown and lasts 2 to 3s.
- Blast damage over time component has been reduced and has had its mana cost increased.

- Performances changes have been made which should improve FPS stability for some configurations.
- Stackable loot set at 100% probability will now always drop a stack.
- You can now interract from the comfort of your mount with the following objects:
   - Banks
   - Players
   - Corpses
   - Dynamic chests
   - Strongboxes
   - NPCs
- Battlehorns get in the way at some angles.
- You can hold on an auto cast spell to charge up a ray. You can also cast an instant ray bellow 30 mana.
- Deleting multiple items will not reset your deletion confirmation window.
- Forced mount graves should no longer have collisions.
- Players climbing on a mount have their personal velocity reset.
- Mounts should have less tendencies to go in submarine mode.
- Telekinesis does small arcane damage.
- Infliction ward no longer has an aoe.
- Rays should no longer be the best way to level a magic school.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.12 - Timed blocking
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Patch 3.12a:
- Removed the first person hands when switching views. This will also remove the glitchy animation of switching from first to third person.
- Harvesting probabilities have been adjusted. You should now see rarer drops more often.
- Meditation's cost per hour curve has been smoothed out to be lower at low level. Meditating now goes from 64mp/h to 2125mp/h, increasing exponentially.
- Knives can now be meditated. Note that Sithra mastery isn't meditable on purpose.
- Releasing modifier key before the other key should no longer prevent the release of a spell.
- Queuing an auto cast spell while holding a spell should no longer release the first spell.
- Reflect spell has been tweaked to be reactive only:
    - It is no longer perfect. 1 Magic penalty now reduces the amount of damage reflected by 2% up to 100.
    - Cooldown set to 20s.
    - Base Cast time set to 250ms.
    - Base duration set to 0.5s to 1s.
    - Mana cost increased by 1/3rd.
- Removed displacement effect from light battlespikes.
- Enabled multi-selection in both trading inventories.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.13 - The Great Magic Overhaul
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Patch 3.13 - The Great Magic Overhaul

The Great Magic Overhaul:
 This is the meat of this patch. We have reworked nearly everything about the magic system to have the secondary effects of spells also scale with magnitude.

Historically, secondary effects were only tied to the level of spells, increasing step by step every 25 levels. Now, Area of effects, graphical effects, displacement effects, duration and blind effects will all be tied to the same factors affecting damage calculations.
The status quo of what spells used to do at level 75 is set around using a basic bone armor with a medium speed medium rank staff. Anything above is buffed, anything below is nerfed.
The only exceptions to this are blinds and wall of force, which are nerfed with encumbrance but have not been buffed beyond their previous values.
The way encumbrance and gear affects secondary effects is different than for damage.
Encumbrance is frontloaded for secondary effects, meaning that there isn't much difference between high end leather and metal armors, but a large difference between magical gear and physical gear.
Magical traits are also more impactful for secondary effects, which is another relative nerf to naked characters. Wearing even low rank robes should have benefits.
These changes lays a good framework for us to impact the utility of magic schools with titles, and in the short term give a valuable niche to magical characters in group fights.

Feedback request: As an experiment, we've added a lesser version of the stormblast displacement to  lightning strike, air magic's r50 spell. This is a test if it could be a potential flavor for air magic. To us it felt roughly equivalent but different to fire's knockup, with some self-displacement utility.

New Village control point capture mechanics:
 After experimenting with multiple new systems, we've landed on something that felt genuinely fun to us in testing.
We're essentially going with a true king of the hill mechanic, with a capture zone clans have to spend the most time within to score capture points.
There are also higher stakes for a fight over a village control point as ongoing ownership and recaptures will now be rewarded, but so will breaking another clan's capture chain.
The intent of the whole system is to have groups of players try to stay in the capture zone of a village control point, and push out other clans.
The variation in the duration of a capture is meant to give potential opportunities to come back for all clans involved, putting emphasis on survival and giving value to each death on each sides.
Everyone involved gets rewarded with meditation, with winners receiving more immediate rewards on top of being the only ones with ongoing rewards.
The more a village is contested, the more value it holds to everyone.

- Villages will become vulnerable every 23 hours and 45 minutes.
- To start capturing a vulnerable village, players have to enter and remain in a radius of 12.5 meters around the Village Control Point (VCP).
- Players and their clan will then be "engaged" in combat for this village.
- VCPs store capture progress per engaged clan.
- Looking at a VCP shows the player's clan capture progress, and those of the 3 clans having made the most progress in their capture.
- A player and his clan gets engaged with a VCP when:
    - He enters the VCP capture zone.
    - He damages/debuffs/heals/buffs someone part of a clan that is engaged with the VCP within the VCP lawlessness radius.
   - He is damages/debuffs/heals/buffs someone part of a clan that is engaged with the VCP within the VCP lawlessness radius.
- For each clan engaged the capture time for all clans is increased, with diminishing returns.
- For each player of a clan engaged in a capture, the capture time remains constant and will require more players in the zone.
- Before any modifiers, the base meditation reward for participating in a VCP fight is 6 000 meditation points.
- For each player engaged with the VCP, the base reward is increased in a diminishing returns curve that starts at +10% per player and bottoms out to 1% per player at 25 players and beyond.
- Every player engaged with a VCP upon its capture will receive a percentage of the base meditation reward equal to its clan's capture progress.
- Rewards are further modified by the overall scaling of the current fight.
- The winning clan's members gain:
    - an additional 2 000 meditation points.
    - an additional physical reward in their inventories.
    - ongoing meditation rewards of 500 meditation points per hour.
    - ongoing gold rewards similar to pre-patch values.
- Capturing and recapturing a villages starts and increases an ongoing modifier:
    - Ongoing modifiers increase by 1% per hour of owning a village.
    - Ongoing modifiers are visible by everyone on the world map.
    - When the village changed hands, the ongoing modifier is reset to 0.
    - Instant rewards for a clan that is not the previous owner increase by the ongoing modifier of the previous clan.

Clan meditation pool and holdings upkeep
The clan meditation pool is something we've wanted to implement for a while now, as it opens up for a lot of future features like clan quest rewards, temporary clan buffs, and any form of maintenance costs where work/time should be abstracted.
We've implemented it in the form of a tax system so that clan leaders have a vested interest in having active members that participate in group activities like village control points or dungeon quests.
We're hoping that this can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between clans and newer players, with veteran members teaching the ropes of more efficient meditation gains to newer members, helping them experience a smoother progression.
The first use of the clan meditation pool will be to have a maintenance cost for holdings, as an added logistic constraint to owning large empires. We're starting with low amounts, which we'll increase after player feedback.
The intent is to have holdings be reserved to active clans only, and to funnel players towards the most time efficient meditation sources for groups: village control points.
Of course, we've added a way to abandon holdings for clans, which should also serve as a way to trade holdings until a better system can be implemented.
- Clan members will now be taxed 10% of their meditation gains.
- A clan can stockpile up to 75 000 meditation points.
- When the cap is reached, members are no longer taxed and keep 100% of their meditation.
- A city will cost 5 000 meditation points per day to maintain.
- A hamlet will cost 2 500 meditation points per day to maintain.
- Upkeep costs will automatically be taken from the clan's meditation pool once every 24h.
- A clan can be in debt for 10 days before its holdings go neutral. There will be 10% interest per days in dept.
- When a holding goes neutral, the bank will be destroyed and any clan can capture it with a clan shard.
- Supreme generals and generals can abandon a holding as an option for the "alternate use" menu of bindstones.
- A flag is shown on top of the bindstone, similar to house taxes, showing if upkeep costs have been paid.

Clan prime time and vulnerability windows
One of the most attrition inducing factor we've witnessed in Darkfall's history are off-hour sieges. This is our attempt at solving the problem.
The intent is to give defenders control over when they can be attacked, while still leaving some leeway for the attackers.
This coincides with the upkeep additions, as the drawback for this system.
- A day will now be cut in 3 windows:
    - Invulnerability window:
        - Lasts 16 hours.
        - Holdings cannot be sieged.
     - A vulnerability window:
        - Lasts 5 hours.
        - Sieges behave as pre-patch.
- A soft vulnerability window after the vulnerability window:
        - Lasts 3 hours.
        - Siege wagers are increased.
- Clan leaders can set their prime time, which will be the start of the vulnerability window in the main menu's conquest window.
- By default, the start of a clan's prime time is set at 6PM GMT.
- Prime time can be changed only once per week.
This is a starting point, but we are looking at tweaking values based on feedback.

Dynamic Tombstones and monster death polish
For this patch we spend quite some time trying to polish one of the early immersion breaker for new players: Monsters sliding after death.
And while we were redoing monster deaths, we also added some much requested quality of life for looting/skinning.
- Monster graves will now show their status to players:
    - They will no longer glow when empty.
    - They will transform into a small bag on the ground when they have been skinned.
- Monsters should no longer slide or have a hitbox after their death, and graves should appear and disappear instantly.
- When a monster is dead but still in its death animation, its health bar should look empty to reduce confusion.

Rework of armor durability losses
Historically, durability losses were quite random, with some items never losing any durability.
We have redone the system. Now, all armors will lose durability in proportion to the amount of paperdoll slots taken.
Durability damage is constant and spread on the equipped items, which means that being close to naked will make individual items last less and balance out risk/rewards a bit better.

Collision system improvements
This change is probably the most grueling one in this patch.
We've spent well over a month investigating the physics and collision engine to start addressing the geometry exploits that are prevalent in Darkfall.
This ranges from how entities are spawned, to handling rotations and movement near geometry.
We know we have not fixed yet all issues, but what worries us more is that players might get stuck now when they would not have before.

So please, stay on the lookout, and if you notice geometry bugs that have not been addressed yet, please send them our way.
We should now be able to fix/address these type of issues much faster now that we have a good understanding of the whole system.

Performances and stuttering
This is the final performance patch we'll do during InDev, and judging by the effects it had on our setups, it may be the most noticeable one.
In addition, we believe we've found the most probable cause of stuttering and fixed it. Hopefully, those that have had that issue should see an improvement.
If you had, or if you knew anyone with performances issue, please let us know.

Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
-The new leather and cloth resources we've added now have in-inventory graphics.
-Hunt quests have received a new calculation formula. Gone are the days of OP rewards, they should now be more in line with Dungeon dailies and VCP rewards.
- Operation screenshakes: Screenshakes will now occur only on the player being hit or very close to it.
- Power hour and general levelling should now impact secondary skills as intended.
- Siege stones will not spawn close to a monster spawn or NPC guard towers.
- Siege stones and strongboxes should now require more room around them before spawning.
- Map markers in holdings should now be correct.
- All linked spawns have been removed from the game.
- Draw distance can now be increased much further in video options.
- Fall damages will start at lower velocities in a more granular way.
- Velocity should now properly be reset when mounting/dismounting.
- When a holding changes hands or goes neutral, all characters bound should properly be kicked.

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Re: Patch notes: Patch 4.0
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Patch 4.0
First graphical upgrades:
While we didn't plan on any graphical upgrades during InDev, with artists on the team came recommendation of improvements with great impact and allowing them to do their jobs better.
We are also implementing our first new assets in the game, which is a great step forward.

- In this patch, we introduce new appearances for all 3 tailoring mastery robes and their hoods.
- We have implemented post-processing effects that allow us to tweak color saturation and image contrast.
- The current settings will not fit all locations in game, but individual environments are being tweaked for the next patch. We wanted to test the impact of the technology as early as possible.

Nearest bindstone respawn:
As part of our efforts to improve the physicality of the world, we've implemented a system that prevents instant travel through death and offers players a choice of spawn location nearby.
This feature should improve immersion, strategy and logistics, and more importantly, is capital to create a local banking system that functions fully.

- The notion of binding to a stone is completely removed from the game.
- When a character dies, the player will be shown a map of the surrounding area, showing the available spawn location.
- There will always be at least one location available with a bank nearby, to prevent being left without gear.
- A spawn selection will persist until the character dies far enough from the initial death's location, to prevent traveling through suicides.
- House owners and their guests can respawn at the house if it is close enough.
- Clan members can respawn at a siege stone of their clan.

Alignment improvements:
One of our ongoing topic of progress has been to improve the alignment system and get Darkfall away from its past as a gankbox.
In this patch we focus on player graves, removing one of the incentives of letting supposedly friendly players die. We want people to gain from others, not from their demise.
We also remove the permanent lawless areas as racial wars, a core concept in the game, should be everywhere and always.

- Permanent lawless tiles have been removed.
- New player protection now lasts 48 hours.
- Player graves are now protected by the alignment:
    - Graves of players under new player protection can only be looted by their owner.
    - Characters with new player protection cannot loot player graves other than their own.
    - Looting the grave of a character that is blue to you will result in losing alignment, resetting your track record in the process.
    - Characters you could kill without consequences can be looted without consequences too. This includes clan enemies/allies and party members.

Group gameplay features:
In the same spirit as the alignment changes, we want the game to foster positive social interactions between players, be them strangers and clans members
To that end, other players on a spawn should be a boon, never an hindrance. Sharing quests credit and being able to share rare loot items is part of this.

- Quest kill sharing:
    - All players on a spawn that have an active quest linked to the monsters will enter the kill sharing pool.
    - When a monster dies on the spawn:
        - all players in the pool gains a portion of the kill credit.
        - In addition, a full kill credit is given on a round-robin basis.
    - If a character kills monsters on the spawn without having the quest, rewards are forwarded to those that do.
- Nearby characters in a party will share meditation when opening chaos chests, treasure map and chest keys.

Artificial Intelligence:
In an effort to make the game better rounded and to prevent easy exploiting, we made a first scouting pass and a few preliminary tweaks to test out the AI framework.
This is a first foray into these systems but they show a lot of promise, and we expect a lot of feedback to improve the PvE experience in a challenging and engaging way.

- Monsters will be a lot more careful about doing friendly fire.
- Monsters will try to move around when they do not have a clean line of sight.
- Monsters getting stuck either through geometry or aggro will try to force their way through to the players.
- Monsters will change tactics faster when they notice they are getting hit without hitting players.
- Some monsters may be too strong now and will be in need of attributes tweaking to compensate. Any and all feedback welcomed on the AI topic.

Clan and house harvesting nodes:
Just like spawn scaling, we need a world that scales based on activity to avoid over-saturation or over-scarcity.
During InDev, this change is a nerf to city nodes and a buff to housing.  In the grand scheme of things, one city/house node is equivalent to one good normal node.
In the long term on a live server, it should be a great tool to motivate individuals to fight for land through greed and personal gain.

- Each player has their own resource pool that maxes out at 125 items for clan nodes, and 150 for house nodes. Both regenerate 1.05 items per minute.
- For each currently regenerating player pool, all pools are altered:
    - The maximum size of pools is reduced by 1 item, down to a minimum of 50 items.
    - Regrowth rate is reduced, down to a minimum of 0.0696 items per minute.
- Nodes start at 0 items on server restart, creation, repairs or placement.
- Moving nodes away from holdings will come at a later date.
Player progression:
- Skill progression is being reworked in preparation of the title system, here is the first step:
    - Combat skills and subskills will now unlock when the requirements are reached.
    - New characters will start with all magic schools unlocked, including their lvl 1 spells.
    - Some spells have had their requirements increased to 10-15-20 to reduce initial complexity:
        - Arrow Shield: Air magic lvl 15
        - Mystic Shield: Arcane Magic lvl 15
        - Earthquake: Earth Magic lvl 60 (this spell is for now a trap, but we're thinking of making it useful as a signature spell)
        - Smoke Signal: Fire Magic lvl 20
        - Evil Eye: Necromancy lvl 20
        - Undeath: necromancy lvl 15
        - Gills: Water Magic lvl 10
        - Delayed Shot: Water magic lvl 20
- Damage based experience bonus tweaks:
    - It still gives up to 50% more XP but caps at half the max possible damage, effectively doubling its impact in regular gameplay.
    - Damage and monster tiers are no longer multiplicative modifiers. Meaning you can now reach a maximum of +100% instead of +125%, but higher percentages are easier to reach.
    - Note that there is a cap of xp per skill execution, and with the high leveling speed of InDev this cap is reached on each usage when a skill is at low level.
- Nearby NPCs with an available quest are now marked on the map.

Combat balance:
- Burden has now a lower duration. Its duration is still erratic, but we'll be looking into it for the next patch.
- Corrosive blast now has the same cooldown as any other r50 and applies an acid debuff.
- Tornado now has the same cast time as explosion from fire magic.
- Fireball has its knock up radius reverted to its old value (3m down to 1m)
- The sidestep melee extension is now faster and has a stamina cost. This is an experiment, let us know how it plays at various latencies.
- Mana missile can now be used under water.
- Encumbrance system tweaks:
    - The formulas for magical magnitude and magic penalty's impact on secondary effects have been tweaked:
        - The naked point, where the two curves meet, is now lower in effectiveness than before.
        - Magical magnitude now has more granularity, since it starts lower and goes slightly lower than before.
        - Magic penalty is now linear, capping at 22 magic penalty.
        - 1% of magical magnitude will negate 2 points of magical penalty.
    - Encumbrance values for leather armor have been tweaked. Full sets of studded and up will provide 42 encumbrance, down from 49 for an Exarch armor set.
    - Feather enchants have been lowered by 5 points, to reflect the lowering of leather's encumbrance.
Bugfix and tweaks:
- To reduce frustration, the area to dig a treasure map has been increased to 20m.
- Players and monsters should no longer spawn on the "roof" of dungeons.
- The F key should be stuck a lot less, if at all. Please report remaining cases if any.
- Reduction of VCP rewards:
    - Capture reward:
        - Base meditation reward down to 4000 from 6000
        - All players, winners and losers, that get engaged with the vcp gets at least 500 meditation so that there is at least some reward for coming.
    - Ongoing reward:
        - Hourly base meditation reward divided by 3: down to 150 from 500
        - Hourly base gold reward divided by 2: down to 350/175 from 700/350
    => The results are that a successful capture is at the very least equal to 10 764 meditation = (2000 + 500 + 4000 x  1.10)  +  3864
        - Before it was 21 480 = 8600 + 12880, so about divided by 2 for one day, but rewards over 10 days are divided by 3.
        - For gold, it gives 4508 gold to the individual players for the first capture, 9016 to the clan.
- When disbanding a clan that controls a VCP, the ongoing modifier is reset to 0 and the invulnerability timer is no longer reset.

Known issues:
- The current graphical settings will not fit all locations in game, but individual environments are being tweaked for the next patch. We wanted to test impact of the technology as early as possible.
- Some monsters may be too strong now and will be in need of attributes tweaking to compensate. Any and all feedback welcomed on the AI topic.
- Quests available in dungeons will not properly show on the overworld. This will come in an evolution of the feature. Marker is also a bit hard to see, but assets will be improved.
- Stormblast and other displacement effects are still too floaty. We're aware of the issues and we're working on them.
- Burden still has a wide variance in its duration. We'll fix that in the following patch.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 4.1
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Patch 4.1:
- Regeneration tweaks:
    - Passive regeneration skills have now been removed and made baseline for all characters:
        - Focus
        - Fitness
        - Endurance
    - Food's impact on regens has been reduced to be less punishing for new players:
        - Base regens for health and stamina have increased.
        - But food has been lowered to have a combined regen at the same rates as pre-patch.
    - That combined regen has been increased by:
        - Health +5%
        - Mana +10%
        - Stamina +15%
    - Note that armor traits are based on that final number.

Tweaks and bugfixes:
    - Sidestep's stamina cost has increased from 7 to 11 stamina.
    - Timed parry stamina drain on the attacker has been doubled, with the minimum being now at 7 stamina.
    - Debuff durations are no longer random.
    - Mount graves can now be damaged by all cannons and siege hammers. They still remain in world until emptied, but we'll address that in another patch.
    - Trueforge armor and weapons no longer give a flat durability bonus. They now give up to +50% of base durability.
    - For armors, wisdom now gives up to +50% base durability as well.
    - Clan buff should now work again.
    - Invulnerable players can no longer progress a village's capture.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 5.0
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Patch 5.0:
This patch kicks off our economy related changes and comes with two major milestones: Marketplaces, and a surprise framework evolution.
Included in this patch are also general tweaks following up on player feedback.

Marketplaces are the main attraction of this patch, and the most complex feature we've ever implemented, touching every single layer of the code.
The current delivery is the minimal viable version of the Marketplace, with all the foundation blocks necessary for such a system to exist.
This includes entirely new interface components, such as a datagrid that dynamically updates with server side data, filters and other framework changes we had to do for cosmetic reasons like pagination.
The persistence of items is also a new module specifically designed for the feature.
We will expand on them multiple times over the coming months, whenever the previous feature group is validated and stable.

- Marketplaces are all local and can be found in NPC cities and chaos cities.
- Players can place individual items and stacks of resources for sale.
- Each character has 25 sale slots available per market places.
- The seller sets a price per item. Partial stacks can be purchased for stackable resource.
- Placing objects in sale has a cost proportional to the duration and overall asked price.
- Sales can be placed for 1 day for 2% fee, 3 days for 5% fee or 7 days for 10% fee.
- Time is not counted towards expiration when server is down. You get the time you paid for.
- Items bellow 95% of base durability cannot be sold.
- Items can be searched and filtered:
    - There is a simple full text search.
    - You can display only specific categories of items.
    - You can add specific filters.

Graphical asset pipeline:
The surprise is that we now have a fully operational asset pipeline, which we've used to create and place the new marketplaces and their gnome owners.
This is something we weren't planning on having prior to release, but one of the devs had a breakthrough and we decided to invest some time in it.
We've used the entire chain for the marketplaces: adding new models for the buildings, accessories, new shaders for metal and rotations, new gnome models and their animations.

At this stage, we can do everything that the game would need asset wise:
- New meshes.
- New animations.
- New textures.
- New shaders.
- Alter the world.

This is a great news, as it will allow to expand our artistic capabilities post release without any limitations, and we have already started creating more 3D models for features coming down the line.
In the short term, we will start by doing more world building changes using the worldbuilder, but this heralds great things for the future.

Removal of harvesting/crafting tools:
You will no longer need to purchase or use tools to harvest and craft.
Simply go up to a node or monster grave, and press the secondary use key, mapped by default to G.
The tool will remain in hand for convenience if you want to chain multiple nodes/graves.
It is the same for crafting. For skills that didn't have a crafting station prior: Taming can be used at workbenches, and herbalism can be used in laboratories.

Durability losses tweaks:
- All durability losses have been divided by 2.
- Durability losses from melee attacks are divided by 3 compared to damage from other sources, making them cost 6 times less than pre-patch.
- Damage over time effects will now impact durability less. They will do as much per damage point as a regular attacks do.

Monster melee damage tweaks:
Monsters, depending on their tier, will now do an average of 30% less damage to players when attacking in melee.
This makes the early game easier for new players and indirectly buffs metal armor in PvE.

High end skill scaling and damage display tweaks:
Before, damage for most attacks were truncated to the lowest integer, meaning some of the scaling, including the final 5% bonus of skills, could be lost.
We've added more granularity, allowing to get two numbers behind the point both in display and in effect.

Tooltips will now show more information:
- Duration of food.
- Healed amount and heal per second for potions.
- Crafting skill in which an item or resource is used as an ingredient.
Opened mount graves can now be destroyed:
Opened mount graves now have a health bar of their own and can be destroyed too. Items left in them will all be destroyed.
This prevents using them as an invulnerable force field around conquest objectives.

Hotfix 5.0a:
- Fix items durability preventing sales.
- Allow all old crafted item (before this patch) to be sold
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't sell an item if you had exactly the amount of gold required by the marketplace.
- Fixed a bug in the enchanting window where you could place ingredients everywhere in the window
- Fixed a few map bugs:
    - Selection will appears on login
    - Allow the text search for "marketplace"
    - And more tweaks to make the map  more logical.
- Fix marketplace display issue when no items are placed, the paging show now "1/1" instead of "---/---"
- One of the gnomes had escaped a marketplace. he has now been properly shackled by his manager.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 5.0
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Patch 6.0 - Titles and local banking
The general trend of this patch is to secure the early days economy and make crafters valuable.

It is our belief that the Darkfall franchise has historically let crafters down by never giving them enough tools to truly impact the world like combat minded players can.
Our objectives are to make all economy related actions meaningful in the grand scheme of things, and finally let players that enjoy playing the market enjoy themselves.

By doing so, these players will provide the glue that binds the economy, making combat minded players lives less tedious.
The win-win scenario provided by the division of labor.

Title system and crafting changes:
With this patch we introduce the title system with a first set of 48 titles.
The goal of this initial wave of titles is to setup the crafting titles and enough combat related titles to make it a difficult choice for the general population.

While established clans will remain self reliant and are not impacted much by this change, for most players this lowers the percentage of potential crafters from 100% of characters down to a very valuable minority.

This release is comprised of all the framework/code changes, and once secured, more changes will follow.

General title mechanics:
- You can select titles by clicking the "titles" button in the main menu.
- You can have 5 titles at a time. Make your selection and click apply to activate them.
- Titles level over real time once activated.
- The underlying skills and abilities still need to be leveled.
- For InDev it will take around 1h to max out, it will be 2 months post-release.
- When a title is deactivated, it will lose 10 levels for combat titles, 100 for industry titles.
- When a title is deactivated, it will lose levels over real time at the same speed as it would gain it.
- Titles are split in 4 categories:
   - Physical, one per weapon type.Exclude magical titles.
   - Magical, one per magic school. Exclude physical titles.
   - Industry, crafting and gathering.
   - General, various utility titles.
- The warrior and scholar titles are exceptions, they exclude their own categories as well.
- There is a "Combo" title that can allow the use of one excluded title.

Crafting title mechanics and crafting changes:
- Passive benefits of Industry titles are linear:
   - Crafting titles will passively increase the durability of produced items.
   - Harvesting titles will increase the speed and efficiency of gathering.
   - Skinning will increase in speed and have better odds.
- Crafting titles will unlock recipes in a frontloaded way.
   - You cannot craft anything without a title.
   - Enchanting items will be unlocked 15 title levels after the base recipe unlock.
   - All qualities are unlocked at once, but still require an enchanting level.
   - Skills with a mastery:
      - R00 Skill lvl 1  =>Title lvl 1 (instant)
      - R10 Skill lvl 25  =>Title lvl 5 (3 days)
      - R20 Skill lvl 50  =>Title lvl 10 (6 days)
      - R30 Skill lvl 75  =>Title lvl 20 (12 days)
      - R40 Mas lvl 1 =>Title lvl 30 (18 days)
      - R50 Mas lvl 25 =>Title lvl 40 (24 days)
      - R60 Mas lvl 50 =>Title lvl 50 (30 days)
      - R70 Mas lvl 75 =>Title lvl 65 (39 days)
      - R80 Mas lvl 100 => title lvl 85 (51 days)
   -  Skills without a mastery: (smelting/woodcutting/taming)
      - Skill lvl 1    => Title lvl 1 (instant)
      - Skill lvl 25  => Title lvl 10 (6 days)
      - Skill lvl 50  => Title lvl 20 (12 days)
      - Skill lvl 75  => Title lvl 30 (18 days)
      - Skill lvl 100=> Tiltel lvl 40 (24 days)
   -  Advanced skills: (shipbuilding/construction/artillery)
      - Skill lvl 1    => Title lvl 1 (instant)
      - Skill lvl 25  => Title lvl 20 (12 days)
      - Skill lvl 50  => Title lvl 40 (24 days)
      - Skill lvl 75  => Title lvl 55 (33 days)
      - Skill lvl 100=> Tiltel lvl 70 (42 days)
- You will still need to level each underlying crafting skill, including enchanting.
- Deactivating an Industry title resets its title level, but does not impact the underlying skills.
- Artillery and Warhulk construction are now merged in a single skill unlocked by the Artillery title.
- Jewelsmithing is temporarily removed, to be reworked sooner rather than later.
- Blood craft and shade craft are removed.
- More crafting related changes are to come in the short term.

Combat title mechanics:
- Combat titles are split in magical and physical categories that oppose each other.
- They provide passive buffs that grow linearly over title level.
- They have flat drawbacks that are instant on activation.
- When a combat title is deactivated:
   - It loses 10 levels instantly.
   - It loses all benefits instantly.
   - All skills the title unlocked become locked again.
- You still need to level the underlying skills.
- Deactivating a title does not impact the underlying skills level.
- You can still use all schools and weapon types, even without the title.
- Melee weapon titles bonuses are:
   - +6% damage
   - +6% attack speed
   - +6% stamina efficiency
   - Unlocks active abilities:
      - power attack => Title lvl 5 (3 days)
      - whirlwind => Title lvl 15 (9 days)
      - seize => Title lvl 25 (15 days)
- Magic school titles bonuses are:
   - +6% damage/magnitude
   - +6% casting speed
   - +6% spell cost reduction
   - +20% spell duration
   - Unlocks signature spells:
      - One at Title lvl 5 (3 days)
      - One at Title lvl 25 (15 days)
- To compensate these bonuses and maintain time to kill:
   - Overall damage/magnitude formula has been reduced by 13.3%.
   - Overall attack/casting speed formula has been reduced by 10%.
- Individual spell tweaks and moving around will come in the short term.

Local Banking and Global Gold Account:
Local banking is perhaps the most defining feature of Darkfall: New Dawn.
Combined with crafting titles and other changes, it will create the foundation for an healthy economy and a more convenient game.

- All banks in the world are now separate inventories.
- This is also true for clan vaults.
- For technical reasons, and to play it safe with persistence, individual local banks are limited and we set an overall cap of items.
   - Individual banks: 2000 items per bank. 6000 items overall.
   - Clan banks: 4000 items per bank. 12000 items per bank
- Once we monitor how it behaves, we'll decide on a final amount.
- Individuals have a gold account:
   - Adding gold to the account costs a 10% commission fee.
   - The gold can then be withdrawn at any bank in the world.
   - The gold can be used to purchase or pay fees in marketplaces.
- Clans also have a global gold account:
   - Adding gold to the account costs a 10% commission fee.
   - VCP rewards for the clan go in the account without fees.
   - The gold can be withdrawn by captains and up at any bank.
   - War declaration costs are taken from the clan's account.
- When a holding is lost through a siege:
   - The inventories of members of the owner clan and its allies go in a retrieval vault.
   - The content of the retrieval vault can be withdrawn only in one go.
   - That content can only be retrieved in nearby banks.
- When access to a bank is loss in any other way, the content remains there until access is restored.

For the sake of the transition and testing, some aspects of the mechanics are altered!
In specifics, the retrieval vaults will not be restricted by distance or forced to be an all or nothing withdraw.
When you first log in after the patch, you'll get extra options on all banks with your old global bank and clan vault available in the retrieve vault.
You will be able to withdraw individual items rather than be forced to retrieve all.
Additionally, upon losing holdings there will not be any restriction either, so that we can test the stability of the recovery feature.
Runestones can still work too so that you can test things around the world.

Loot table apocalypse:
Following the trend of other changes within this patch, the loot table apocalypse is an overall reduction of all things craftable from loot to leave more room to crafters.
Another goal is also to reduce potential sources of gold inflation to give it more value as a trading medium.
Now that this is done, we can build upon a stable foundation and add interest to various underused monster alongside crafting evolutions.

- Removed the daily loot cap that caused high loot first kills.
- Monsters no longer have raging loot tables.
- Gold drops have been reduced across the board:
   - Removed from:
      - Most high end monsters.
      - Non-humanoid monsters.
      - Low civilization monsters.
   - Reduced in most other cases.
   - Kept to be a gold hotspots on some monsters.
- All craftable items have been removed from monster loot, unless needed for a quest.
- Removed jewelry and gems from monster drops.
- Monster specific armors and some rare enchanted weapons have been kept.

Disclaimer: In the interim, craftable items in NPCs have not been touched so that newcomers can still find some basic gear until InDev ends.
At release, only r0 weapons will remain.

Other changes:
- All inventory windows in game can now be resized.
- Newbie protection changed to 20 hours.
- Starter weapons no longer have weight.
- The potential top speed of displacement effects has been reduced by 20%.
- Quest markers now follow traditional ! and ? conventions.
- Listing slots for marketplaces increased from 25 to 100.
- "You are no more engaged in a PvE Fight" is no more a thing.
- Greatclubs now level at the same speed as other weapons.
- Obad and Nerghum should no longer be respawn traps.
- The cost of praying has increased to 1000 + 500 x times prayed.
- Holdings upkeep has doubled:
   - 5040 per day for cities.
   - 2016 per day for hamlets.
- War declarations costs have been divided by 2.
- But the minimum has increased from 10 000g to 20 000g.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 6.0
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Patch 6.0a:
- Error 1062 should no longer occur. If you still have an issue, please contact us by private message.
- Items losing attributes/enchants in banks upon re-logging should no longer occur.
- Title fixes:
    - Armor Master title was bugged and is now fixed, it will also show in your stat window. Test it again.
    - Warrior and Veteran Brawler impact all physical skills, not just melee.
    - Some description clarifications.
- Digging has been fixed.
- Goblin axe drops have been increased.
- Goblin HP have been lowered to reflect the reduction of base damage.
- Pressing F on clan banks should now have the expected results.
- Clan vault access rights are back to captain.
- ? buttons on windows will now work, even after disabling the tutorial.
- Free trial has been activated with x3 leveling speed.
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