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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.0.1
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Patch 3.0.1:
- Village control point in lawless areas should now leave all players as rogue when exiting the contested zone.
- Looting from a grave and dropping on top of a bag should no longer leave ghost copies of items on the screen.
- The selection system is now based on modifier keys and has a few more features:
   - alt + left click + drag: Creates a new selection box and clears every previous selection.
   - shift + left click + drag: Creates a selection box and adds the items to previous selections, creates a new one otherwise.
   - ctrl + left click + drag: Creates a selection box and toggles item's selection state within it.
   - shift + left click: Selects or add individual item to existing selection.
   - ctrl + left click: Toggle individual item selection.
   - left click on inventory without a modifier key pressed clears the selection.
   - any miss click with a modifier key pressed will not clear the selection.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.1
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Patch 3.1:
This patch we are delving deeper in the way experience is gained:
- Random variation in xp gains has been removed.
- We discovered and removed a system that reduced xp gains based on how many skills a character had learned. (regardless of level or type)
- We implemented our two first xp modifiers:
    - Active abilities now provide up to 50% additional xp based on the magnitude of their effect.
    - Monster tiers, determined for now by max hp, provide up to a 50% multiplicative modifier on top of the above bonus.

Expansion of the selection system:
- The selection system now also applies to graves and other lootable inventories.
- Items when looted in a grave now take a short duration to loot.
- The timer to loot an item is made longer based on total weight.

We have made a first round of refactor for the user interface framework and how it displays text.
Text still is a resource drain, but should be less than before, these are the results in our testing:
- Before, with no text / multiple tabs full of text:
    - 34 fps / 32 fps
    - 70 fps / 56 fps
    - 110 fps / 64 fps
    - 250 fps / 70 fps
    - 500 fps / 90 fps
- After, with no text / multiple tabs full of text:
    - 34 fps / 32 fps
    - 70 fps / 70 fps
    - 110 fps / 80 fps
    - 250 fps / 110 fps
    - 500 fps / 150 fps
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.2
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Patch 3.2:
This is an intermediary patch while large features are being implemented, with features we've been working on in parallel for a while now.
One thing we're particularly happy with are the physics engine modifications, as the investigation necessary to implement them has unlocked the knowledge for many of our planned features.
We're also glad we can turn our attention to melee and archery a bit, especially on the quality of life front. And of course, there are incremental improvement to the interface.

Interface framework expansion:
- There is now an item comparison system.
- The first use is to compare equipped armors or weapons with other items.

Physics engine refactor:
- Begone and come hither now work in all directions.
- Arrows now properly knockback players.

Melee and archery improvements:
- Keeping your mouse held down will auto attack melee weapons.
- Individual melee abilities now give xp to their weapon's skill and mastery.
- Seize, knockback and disabling blow are now linked to the melee base skill.
- Disabling shot is now linked to the archery skill.
- Disabling shot will now auto-swap if you use any disabling blows with a bow equipped. And vice versa.

- Safes and guest room furniture are now craftable in construction.
- House vendors can now be purchased from councillors in capital cities.

Bug fixes and tweaks:
- Confirmation window bugfixes. No more doubting your clan mates when they swear they clicked forgive.
- ctrl or shift are no longer registered when in interface mode. No more crouch dancing at the bank.
- Some buffs, like lend mana, still worked on monsters to gain xp. We should now have fixed them all.
- Weight and transfer times of selection are now visible and accurate.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.3
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Patch 3.3:
As we've said last patch, we were working on many things at the same time and things are falling into places.
In addition, our refactor team took some vacations from technically laborious tasks to have some fun doing features.
We're eager to see what the community does with these new systems.

First version of the PvP engagement system:
- Healing and buffing a rogue or red (evil or racial enemy) player make you go rogue regardless of clan politics.
- Healing and buffing a mount owned by a rogue or red (evil or racial enemy) player make you go rogue regardless of clan politics.
- Mount ownership will last 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds and consecutive attacks will be handled properly.

Alignment system:
- The maximum alignment is now 12.
- Praying now gives +4 alignment.
- First time praying costs 500g.
- Each times a character prays, the cost of praying increases definitely by 100g.
- Each point of alignment now gives +2.5% rewards instead of +1% (with the over time bonus, the max bonus is now +260% instead of 220%)

Mount sprinting:
This is the first step in our active riding system. We're focusing mostly on testing technical aspects, like the animation states and velocity calculations.
- Normal mounts and battlehorns now have a sprint mechanic when pressing your sprint key. (defaults to left shift)
- Bluetails have remained unchanged. Sprinting normal mounts go 15% faster than them, Battlehorns go only 2.86% faster than them.
- For now, the player's stamina is being consumed but later it will be changed to a mount based stamina system.

Inventory Items grouping:
- When focusing an inventory or a selection, you can now regroup all items to be visible and easily accessible.
- The purpose is to set the inventory in a way that makes it easy for players to sort their inventory.
- Bags and stackable items, like reagents or gold, will keep the position you've given them.
- The default binding is U.

Field of View option:
- You can now set the field of view from 75 to 120
- Default value is set to 106

Encumbrance impact displacement effects:
- Each point of encumbrance will reduce the force of displacement effects by 0.475%.
- The spell burden now has a much lower duration as it can be used as a "grounding" spell.
- Dragon with full plate filler will reduce by 60%.
- We added new jewelry items to add 10.5 encumbrance each, or 15% reduction for all three:
    - Dwarven heart locket at lvl 75 jewelsmithing.
    - Dwarven heart ring at lvl 100 jewelsmithing.
Balanced reach and angle for all melee weapons:
On this one, we kept greatswords as they were and balanced things around them. This is a first small step and once it is tested, we'll expand on other factors like secondary effects and differentiating abilities more.
Before:      Reach  Angle
- Knives      1.6    70
- 1h swords  2.0    60
- 1h axes    1.9    45
- 1h clubs    1.9    45
- 2h swords  2.5    60
- 2h axes    2.35  60
- 2h clubs    2.35  60
- Polearms    2.5    90
- Sithras    2.1    60
After:      Reach  Angle
- Knives      1.75  70
- 1h swords  2.15  50
- 1h axes    2.15  50
- 1h clubs    2.15  50
- 2h swords  2.5    60
- 2h axes    2.5    60
- 2h clubs    2.5    60
- Polearms    2.6    80
- Sithras    2.25  55

War declaration changes:
- A clan at war can no longer be disbanded.
- A war declaration now takes 1h to take effect.
- A war declaration can happen once every 20 minutes.
- War declaration costs are impacted by the amount of existing wars.
- War now start at 10000g and have an upfront scaling cost based on total involved players and the difference of size between the two sides.
- Examples:
    - If a clan of 40 attacks a clan of 10 costs 5785g per clan member per day.
    - If a clan of 10 attacks a clan of 40 costs 5742g per clan member per day.
    - If a clan of 1 attacks a clan of 20 costs 18628g per clan member per day.
    - If a clan of 30 attacks a clan of 30 costs 2048g per clan member per day.
    - If a clan of 100 attacks a clan of 30 costs 11114g per clan member per day.

Bugfixes and tweaks:
- Seize skills will now have 2 times the reach of a normal attack.
- Login invulnerability is now lost on movement.
- Maintaining attack button held down will no longer bug with the revive skill.
- Fixed an historic bug that made some races and gender not have the desired reach. This non bugged state will serve as the basis for future race balancing.
- Fixed a bug where a weapons bar slot will temporarily be activated before going to the proper slot. (ie: Asking for staff, swapping to bow for half a second before going to requested staff)

Known issues:
- When running out of stamina on a sprinting mount, you will revert to mount running speed instead of mount walking speed.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.4
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Patch 3.4:
In this patch we implement the core mechanics of our Spawn Scaling system.
This is a major milestone for Darkfall: New Dawn as it completes our efforts to create an organic PvE experience.
So grab your best gear, your friends and go after the larger monsters you feel you can handle for increased loot and skill ups.

The concept is simple, for each additional player engaged with a monster spawn, you will gain 5% more experience, a varied amount of extra loot and the monsters will become stronger.
This feature ties into our alignment system as well, it serves as an incentive to be nice to others, and it will provide content for clans and other groups of players.

We can impact the following factors:
- Monster attributes, more hitpoints and more damage.
- Monster quality, less scouts, more warriors.
- Monster numbers, face the hordes.
- Respawn time, less downtime and more pressure.

Note that this is a large feature, and this may very well cause performances issues.
For now most spawns share similar scaling ratios, to test the feature technically, and its stress on the server, but later each spawn will have its own rules.
Over the coming months, we will adjust individual spawns to have their own specialties, and expand the Ai to also be a scaling factor.
Individual monsters will temporary display their scaling level and you will get system messages telling you when you become engaged and disengaged to help us test the feature.

We have been conservative with the default values, but as a first pass, we went ahead and gave "personalities" to the spawns of the following monsters:
Goblins, Kobolds, Trolls, Zombies, Skeletons, Baradron, Sharks, Gorra Dars, Gorra Slaves, Fire Dragons.
Go test them out in groups and have fun!

Other changes:
- Hunt quests improvements: The 1 hour long repeatable quests now have lower base rewards for 10 kills, but each additional kill adds more quest rewards with a soft exponential curve.
- War declaration costs are now displayed properly. There was a bug showing clan leaders the costs as if they were attacking a clan of 0 players.
- In addition, characters that have been offline for more than 30 days, regardless of subscription status, won't count in the war declaration calculations.
- Clan creation cost has increased to 15 000g: This is to delay the time newer player could make a clan, keeping them safe from war declaration for a little while longer.
- All similar weapon skills share cooldowns with each other. Weapon attack speed still factors in frequency.
- Seize's opportunity cost has been increased: the base cooldown has been increased to 10 seconds, being lowered on faster weapons, and its stamina cost has been drastically increased.
- Auto sprint will no longer consume stamina on a Bluetail Runner.
- Fixed more of the switching bugs from the weapon's bar and hotbar. This may need deletion of the "<Hotbar>" and "<Weaponsbar>" section in the gui_manager_persistence.xml file for your character in
Deleting the file will work too, it should only remove the audio and video options.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.5
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Patch 3.5:
Spawn scaling follow up:
- We have tweaked the scaling values of all spawns, they will be a bit harder and will loot a lot more than before.
- Rather than having double stacks, quantities are directly increased.
- Descaling now occurs dynamically in between spawn waves.
- Wildlife have been reactivated.

Magic quality of life:
- Abilities can now be held again during cast time.
- An "input warp" that occurred between casts has been fixed.
- Rays no longer have a delay after being casted.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.6
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Patch 3.6:
New Trial Accounts features:
- Added restrictions related to Trial Accounts:
   - Cannot go past certain skill and attribute levels,
   - Cannot harvest except skinning,
   - Cannot create clan,
   - Cannot be promoted,
   - Cannot pilot warhulks,
   - Cannot own a house,
   - Cannot pilot a ship but can use ship cannons.
- Level limitations will not be used for this stress test, we need people to level up and test high end gains in groups.

First wave of New musics:
- Paul, our resident musicologist, has been working for the past few months with Robert Sandnes, our composer, to give Darkfall: New Dawn its own original soundtrack.
- The first wave of songs is in, with 6 new racial themes playing in cities when players enter them.
- Changed the ambiant sound systems to have more granularity and control over frequency/music integration.
- Detection areas still need some tweaking in some cities.

- You can now bind multiple skills to the same key and access them by pressing the key several times in a row.
- PSA: You NEED to delete your gui_manager_persistence.xml BEFORE loging in. This file is located in your %appdata%/darkfallnewdawn/character/0/ sub-folders. Each folder represents one of your accounts.
Here is a more detailed solution:
- Patch the game
- Press windows + E
- Copy paste in the address bar the following path: C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\DarkfallNewDawn\Character\0
- You should have as many folders as you have alt accounts.
- In each folder, delete the file called: gui_manager_persistence.xml
- Login

Interface QoL:
- Improved visibility of health bars both when targeting and for party members.
- Buffs are no longer shown in multiple icons on the effect bar.
- You can now press alternate use key to auto equip harvesting tools and start harvesting. (Defaults to G)
- Pressing alternate use key on other players will auto-sheathe your weapons.

General QoL:
- Extend party size to 20 members
- Added zoom for archery and magic when using the parry binding.(Defaults to right click)

- Clan nodes are now repairable, and will regenerate resources only when enabled. Once disabled, you need to repair at least 25% of its HP to re-enable it.
- Spawn scaling tweaks following the first wave of feedback.
- Fix rare loot on scaled up monsters not dropping. Needs to be tweaked further.
- Auto revert should now work properly in all cases.
- A delay on weapon switch has been removed.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.7
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Patch 3.7:
Today we have activated Stress Test #2:
- From now on, anyone that has bought the game will get access to the InDev server until Live launch.
- Until the 29th of November, the InDev server is open to all, with non-customer having trial account limitations.
- The main limitation is that, aside from skinning graves, any form of harvesting cannot be done on a trial character to avoid flooding the economy.
- Harvesting quests in the starting tutorial are no longer blocking for quest chain advancement.
- Players from Stress Test #1 will have their characters restored when loging in the first time. It may take a minute or two so just restart the lobby if you do not see your old character.
- The purpose of Stress Test #2 is to experiment with the Spawn Scaling feature and to try and break it. Go get them monsters!

Power hour:
- We have added a new skill that you can find in General Skills.
- The power hour skill will double all xp gained both in PvE and crafting for 1 hour.
- Power hour can be triggered once every 22h.
- The hour will stop counting down if you log off and will resume on loging on.

Weapons bar responsiveness tweaks:
- With our latest patch we received a lot of feedback on small delays spread around the WB and its usage, this is a first wave of optimisation.
- Hotbar switching with weapons bar no longer is sequential, it will go straight to the desired hotbar without any delay.
- When a weapons bar is bound on a skill, it will no longer trigger a hotbar swap and it will remain on the curent hotbar.
- Reholding a spell or skill now works for disabling shot.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug with spawn scaling where the previous group level was taken into account with the generation of the loot for the next group.
- Bugs where zoom level was retained in certain situations have been fixed.
- Hotbar items and cooldowns should now properly displaying.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.8
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Patch 3.8:
Today's patch focuses on delivering two heavy refactors changing a lot client and server side to result in a much smoother user interface and game experience.
These two tasks are a big step forward and are the results of multiple weeks of work.

Skill interaction refactor:
The first is altering the way skill triggers and the interface are interacting. You have most likely heard us mention a lot since the start of InDev and is one of the first refactors we wanted to make.
We've been poking around the UI for a few months now, noting the needs and creating proof of concept features, and now we have done the underlying foundations and re-implemented most of our UI under the new system.
Many of the bugs and issues with skill triggering should now be fixed or should be much easier to fix, and our interface should now be much more consistent/reliable.

Multi slot now offer multiple levels of statefulness at the discretion of the player:
- Statefull selection: by default, you can now cycle through a multi-slot. Once a skill has been activated, the index of the multi-slot will be reset. The state is only kept during selection until activation.
- Statefull: what we call combo mode, after casting an ability, the index of the multi-slot is reset only when another multi-slot is activated.
- stateless: when using auto-cast on a skill in a multi slot, it will require to use the multi-tap method of access. This way will always trigger the same action for the same sequence of key presses.

- You can now open a new hotbar slot options menu by clicking the button at the bottom right of a slot:
   - Auto cast: The ability will be selected then activated automatically after a short delay (Multi-slot activating delay in gui options)
   - Auto revert: After this ability is completed, the previous weapon will be equipped, including its default ability.
   - Switch to this hotbar: selecting this skill will switch to the hotbar where the multi-slot is located.
   - Switch to weapons bar hotbar: selecting this skill will look up the hotbar switching option of its weapon and switch to the configured hotbar. mutually exclusive with the above option.
   - Combo mode: Prevents the reset of a multi-slot index after activating one of its abilities. (only on the first slot of a multi-slot)

- Actions are now atomic, which means that pressing a key with auto equip, auto cast and auto revert will no longer have its sequence interrupted by pressing another key.
- Many delays have been reduced or outright removed by the refactor, making the interface much smoother to use.
- Queuing is still in, but we would like feedback about it now that it won't mess with sequences. We want it as an option, but we'd like to determine which should be by default for new players.

Map marker and full text search:
The second large feature to come with this patch is a refactor of how map marker work and the addition of many more markers on the map.
The server can now pushes dynamically markers to the client and it will be shown immediately. This will open up to add many features, from territory control to migrating monsters.

For now, we are stress testing this feature to see how it impacts client and server performances, each player will get a random subset of all possible markers, and if there are no issues, we'll push all markers to everyone.

Both dynamic and static objects will be seen on the worldmap and minimap:
- Banks and crafting stations can now be seen on the map.
- Spawn points can now be found on the map, and are colored based on the tier system we are using for the tier based xp system.
- All of the above will be automatically shown in the 9 tiles around you.
- For the rest of the world, you can use the text box at the bottom left of the worldmap to search for them.
- When the worldmap is showing a search result, clicking once on a marker will keep it displayed during the play session, clicking it again will remove it from the current result set.

We've been working on this for a few weeks, and we're happy for it to be delivered this early in the process.
This is of course the first step of this system, as we'll expand the information that can be displayed, add new features and generally make the map smoother to use.

It is more importantly the start of our efforts on the New Player Experience.
Combined with a company hosted wiki about the game, additional tooltips, help screens and a completely reworked tutorial, it will form what we call our "in game university".
Our end goal is that a new player never has to alt-tab out of the game or require to ask questions about a feature, no matter how complex the mechanics are.

Miscellaneous changes:
- Stackable items can now be sorted too.
- Lay on hands has been given to all new characters by default. Its reagent cost has been removed to encourage learning how to heal early on.
- Default hotbar setup has been adapted to latest changes, including the power hour and lay on hands.
- Made some changes to the login server which should improve login condition for large families.
- Rest bug should be fixed.
- Pray's cooldown shouldn't be consumed if interrupted.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.8
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Patch 3.8a:
- We have enabled the full map marker feature. CPU and ram usage were within expectation on the server-side, and no issues were reported for the client-side.
- The search box will no longer take the focus in interface mode, and can be accessed with ctrl + f.

- Multi-slots now have three mutually exclusive modes:
   - Cycle mode (by default): You will be able to cycle through skills and the multi-slot will reset on cast. Any auto cast abilities will need to be quick tapped to be skipped.
   - Multi-tap mode: This mode will always reset after selection of a skill so that it is purely stateless.
   - Combo-mode: Will keep its position in the multi-slot after cast, to do a rotation. Auto cast abilities will not have any delay but cannot be skipped.

- We fixed a bug that added delay before selecting skills or swapping weapons.
- Melee abilities now properly revert to melee default attack.
- We have a "shot in the dark" fix for the interface locking bug.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.8b
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Patch 3.8b:
What started as a bugfix patch ended up as a "game feel" patch, focusing on making the game feel more reactive, obey the player's orders, and communicate feedback when an action cannot be done.

Skill triggering:
In the initial 3.8 patch, we reworked how skill triggering occurred and removed some steps to make the system closer to the networking layer and reduce client side delay. It also assured that we would have an easier time developing the user interface.

This revealed many underlying issues with how skill and actions were synchronized between client and server, as the system relied on the client being "slow". Even before these changes, some skills could get an animation but not get registered by the game, and having a smoother client made the issue more prevalent.
This forced us to rework that part of the synchronization system to be reliable and have more validation steps.
This is something that was planned to happen later in the development process, but it allowed us to, while we were at it, solve some of the long standing clunkiness issues too.

This is once a again a pretty deep rework, and we've tested as much as we could with our limited resources.
Remember, there are issues from 3.8 we never could reproduce, and we'll have to rely on those of you that had blocking and/or skills not triggering issues to let us know how this patch is affecting you.

On to the changes:
- Ghost melee attacks and spells canceling mid cast should no longer happen.
- Holding the parry key in between attacks will now start parrying as soon as the character is able to.
- Right clicking to parry will now unsheathe weapons too.
- The auto-revert feature has been combed for any issues and should now properly go back to the desired weapon.
- When holding a skill and selecting the next skill to queue, the first skill won't be released anymore and can still be held.
- Auto-attacks with cannons and grenades should now work again.

Game Feedback:
With a tighter control on skill and their execution, we decided it was time to tell the players more about why some input in combat did not result in an action.
Things like no longer having reagents or a certain type of resource will now be more obvious, which should help a lot newer players unable yet to manage long fights and their vital stats.
This is only the first step in what we call game feedback, and we'll try to expand on it until the system tab is no longer necessary mid fight.

- The currently selected skill tooltip will now show reagents needed on selection.
- When a skill cannot be executed for any reason, there will be a tooltip popping next to the skill selection part of the hotbar, explaining why to the player.
- When hovering your mouse over an item in your backpack, weaponsbar or hotbar, the slots in which it is linked will blink and it will appear clearer in the inventory.
- Hovering over a bag when drag and dropping an item will now make it blink to show the item will be placed in the bag.

Miscellaneous and QoL improvements:
- The feature of dropping items in bags can now be disabled in the GUI Options.
- Hotbar slots now have a button in their menu allowing to set a direct bind to them.
- When a lootable inventory is opened, the backpack is automatically shown too.
- There is now a loot all button in monster inventories, the F key also allows to trigger that action.
- When updating a weaponsbar slot, it will update hotbar slots only if the new weapon is compatible. You will no longer erase all your work for a misclick.
- When running out of arrows, they will automatically be equipped if there are any in the player's inventory.
- When dismounting, the weapon should now be sheathed without delay.
- When repeatedly doing ctrl + double click, it will each time expand the selection to the parent category of items. For exemple: Goblin axes -> All 1h axes -> all weapons -> all items.
- Row next and row prev should now work properly again.
- Wildlife animals no longer give xp gains.

Feedback and bugfix follow up:
- Once a grave is looted, the 'loot all' button evolves to a 'close' button that closes the gui when pressed.
- The backpack should now open automatically (if closed) when opening any other inventory.
- Dragging and dropping a selected stackable item on a stackable item of the same type should now also transfer all the selection.
- The archery locking-bug should no longer happen.
- Skills should no longer switch to their bound weaponsbar slot's hotbar without the option checked.
- Skills auto-cast should work again after attempting it (and failing) while on cooldown.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.9 - The Armor Patch
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Patch 3.9 - The Armor Patch:

Gear power gap reduction:
All armors, melee weapons, staves, bows and shields have had the overall gap between lowest and highest ranks reduced.
The intent of this change is to have newer or casual players be less at a disadvantage in fights by lowering the average item power gap. Early level XP should also be increased by the increased damage output.
Monsters benefit from the melee weapons and shields changes, but not from the armor changes. This should make low to medium level PvE slightly more engaging with monsters doing more damage but getting killed faster.
Players doing PvE in metal armor and shield should also feel more survivable than before.

Armor traits and general armor changes:
In this patch we created a new system of traits that can be applied to player characters. A lot of work has gone behind the scenes to prepare for future features, such as the title system and an eventual jewelsmithing overhaul.
The first use of this system is to have armors provide bonuses designed to represent negative encumbrance and splitting specialization into protection, magical abilities and physical abilities.
The general idea is to allow players to complement their favored playstyles with their armor choices while still keeping some short term adaptability by dressing up for the situation.

- You can see how much of an effect your armor pieces give you in your player stat window.
- Specializing in a single armor style will get your traits up to a maximum of 20%-24% (low-high crafting rolls).
- Armor traits stack with existing effects like buffs and enchants.
- Metal armors will increase health regen and slightly reduce the damage taken from the back.
- Robes will increase mana regen, casting speed and spell magnitude.
- Leather armors will increase stamina regen, archery/melee attack speed and damage.
- Bone armors will provide a mixture of the bonuses of equivalent level robes and leather armors.
- For damage/magnitude traits, they are applied before other modifiers such as protection.
- The helmet slot has now no type restrictions, any kind of helmet can now be used with robes.
- Robes are still taking all slots except helmet.

Tailoring Mastery:
- Added a new crafting skill available at the arcanist: tailoring mastery.
- New armor ranks have been added, mirroring armorsmithing mastery.
- Added 4 new ranks of robes, for a total of 7 ranks. 1 new rank is at tailoring level 25.
- Added 3 new ranks of leather armor.
- Added 3 new ranks of bone armor.
- Each new ranks will use higher quality ingredients which can be found on monsters throughout the world and have regionalization in mind.
- We have experimented with various types of scarcity with the crafting recipes to observe player behavior.
- Leather and cloth can no longer be purchased at vendors.

Balance tweaks:
- Severely buffed shield protections. They should now make 1h weapons more viable in melee exchanges despite the lower reach.
- We've changed polearms' speed to 0.2 as a test before experimenting more with them. They were supposed to get their own trait, but it didn't feel that fun in testing.
- Medium speed and slow staves have had their speed and damage buffed in order to become meaningful alternatives to fast staves.
- Transmuted staves have had their speed slightly increased like medium staves.
- In the changes to metal armor, the gap between slashing and bludgeoning protection has been slightly increased, indirectly making clubs more interesting.
- In the same spirit, robes have weaker acid protection, metal armors have weaker bludgeoning and lightning protections and leather/bones have balanced protections.
- General damage caps has been increased to 75 from the front and 105 in the back. The general damage curve has been altered too for a slight general front loading.
- If a protection is debuffed, it will now increase the damage cap for that damage type.

Self buffs changes:
- A majority of self buffs are now toggled on and off by casting them. The purpose of this change is to reduce the laundry list aspect of buffing and make it a meaningful decision.
- The old cast time, costs and cooldowns will remain unchanged as an opportunity cost for switching buffs mid-fight.
- All toggled self buffs reduce mana regeneration, depending on gear and skill, going beyond 3 concurrent buffs will make you drain mana.
- When you run out of mana or get in a downed state, all active buffs will deactivate.
- Spells can now have multiple effects at the same time. The first use of this evolution is for Hasten Spells to also have mana burn(spells cost more mana) to prevent it from being a mandatory buff.

List of toggle buffs:
- Arrow shield
- Lightning shield
- Hasten spells
- Holy shield
- Mystic shield
- Spell Immunity
- Acid shield
- Stoneskin
- Fire shield
- Infliction shield
- magic Shield
- Infernal shield
- Blessing
- Cold shield
- Gills

We removed attribute self buffs, as they wouldn't fit in the spirit of neither active nor toggle buffs:
- Clear Thoughts
- Insight
- Impetus
- Brawn
- Agility
- Max health bonus
- Max mana bonus
- Max stamina bonus

Map evolution:
- You now have two menus of filters, one for markers nearby you and one for the general worldmap.
- Worldmap and minimap options are now synchronized.
- Spawn markers are now much more detailed, showing monster numbers and repartition.
- If you research specific resources or items, monsters dropping/skinning them will be shown as results, with detailed amount.
- Dungeons are now a single marker with a tooltip representing all the content of the dungeon.
- You can now search for lootable/skinned resources from monster loot tables.
- The research field should now be much more reliable as we fixed some of the known issues with it.
- We have temporarily removed the feature to "keep" a marker after a research. It made the map impossible to move around with a large amount of markers. It will come back in a better form.
- The map is no longer forced to be square and can be expanded up to full screen.
- You can double click the top of the map for it to go straight to full screen.
- The tab key will toggle marker labels on and off when the worldmap has the focus.

Inventory tweaks:
- We have redone the moving of items backend. You can now select, move and delete up to 20 000 items.
- Bulk moves will no longer cause as much lag, freezes or memory leaks as in the past. This new system is a lot nicer to the server as well.
- The loot all button is now present on all inventories.
- Loot weight and looting duration are now always shown in loot inventories.

Mount tweaks:
- We have turned our attention to mounts again with a few QoL changes as a start.
- Mounts should now spawn facing away from the player.
- Dismounting while moving is now possible.
- Fixed auto attack on mounts.

Bugfixes and minor tweaks:
- We addressed one of the larger remaining memory leaks. This should reduce the amount of out of memory crashes players have been having.
- The above leak was in shared between server and client, so it should allow us to do maintenance less often. We will test not doing maintenance until the server gives in, to compare with our stress testing results of last summer.
- We have fixed a spawn scaling issue where long spawn cooldowns could be bypassed by scaling/descaling spawns.
- Fixed an issue with reaches that could make players miss when they shouldn't when crouched.
- Players should no longer get locked when getting killed while parrying with a shield.
- Default skills for weapons should now be selected more reliably after actions.
- Removed an activation delay that occured when activating a skill just after a weapon swap.
- Village control points should no longer have their health regen bugged after their inactivity timer is done.
- It is now possible to move while reviving. There was a trick to do it before, we're just making it baseline for everyone. of course you still need to keep aim on the character you are reviving.
- Rare ores on iron nodes will now drop accordingly to their quality rather than all equally.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.9 - The Armor Patch
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Patch 3.9a:
- New recovery system for legacy items. All items that were outside of the range of the crafting cap of an item will be set to the lowest roll of said item.
- Removal of melee and archery extensions, at the exception of double jump and sidestep.
- Reset of the damage cap for fall damages, and they will be proportional to max health.
- Traits should no longer be broken on death/decap/revives.
- Party markers should now always remain visible.
- Mytharn dungeon should no longer be a trap.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.10 - Harvesting, NPE and balancing
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Patch 3.10:

New Player Experience:
As some our new team members observed, especially the more graphically oriented ones, the interface and game is rather "mute", it neither explains nor informs the player.
To improve that aspect, we have implemented a new pop up framework in the user interface which can be triggered by any sort of event, be it movement, opening a window, gaining a new item or a certain level of a skill.
The goal being to make the game much more hospitable for newer players and to have a solid foundation to build upon when we'll need to explain more advanced concept. In this first iteration, we have covered the basics.
In the same effort we have continued our work on providing feedback to the player and letting him obtain contextual information by looking at the world.

- The game now has a new series of tutorial windows and contextual popups that will explain the movement, interface and a few key points in the life of a new player.
- We've continued to add new information to the interface and improve messages so that all players can know more about what is happening in the game. Especially when something isn't.
- An area bellow the cursor will now give additional information on objects observed in the world, similar to the extra information window but with less clutter.

Distance based harvesting:
As one of our first tool to allow for a more localized world, we have implemented our distance based harvesting system.
The objective is two fold, to make harvesting a more engaging activity through risk and reward, but also to start valuating locations in the world differently.
This first iteration focuses on regular harvesting and distance rules, but in the long run, the goal is to have more and more dynamic harvesting system.

- Now, mining, woodcutting and herb gathering nodes scale based on the combined distance to the closest bank and closest racial guard tower.
- The amount of harvestable resource has been lowered to 20 item per node, with odds of rare loot lowered.
- As you get further in the wilderness, the total amount per node is increased, alongside the amount per harvest and the odds of rarer material.
- Harvesting failures have been removed.

General changes:
- Stamina will now regenerate even when sprinting.
- Keen and magnitude enchants now operate outside the traditional crafting damage cap.
- Selecting any skill will unsheathe your weapons.
- You should now see your party members on the minimap even with labels turned off.
- Loot scaling should no longer apply on equipment.
- Damage based Xp gains have been readjusted to better follow the new damage cap.
- Mount sprint is now slower.

Armor Balancing:
- Metal armors:
   - Have had their physical and lightning protections increased,
   - their health regeneration strongly increased,
   - but have lost the back protection trait.
- Robes:
   - Have received a minor increase in physical protections and an increase in mana regeneration,
   - but have lost their arrow protection, relying only on piercing protection now.
- Leather:
   - Have their encumbrance increased to be up to 49 with a full exarch,
   - but have their trait reduced to be at most 15-18%.
- Bones:
   - Bone armors have lost all physical traits,
   - but have increased magical traits going up to 15-18%.
- Encumbrance change:
   - Armored casting, armored archery and armor profficiency have been removed and made baseline.
   - Encumbrance values of individual items now follow the same ratio as the traits and protections.

Magic changes:
- Toggle buffs now toggle at a speed equivalent to a r50 spell, cost as much mana as a bolt but have a longer cooldown.
- Protection shields and stoneskin now give a stronger protection value.
- Medium and slow staves have had their magnitude reduced by 25%.
- Buff others and debuffs:
   - All buff others have an increased reach equivalent to the spell sacrifice.
   - Have a much shorter duration, going from 8s to 28s depending on level and gear.
   - Debuffs have the same duration as buff others, going from 8s to 28s.
   - Spell chanting attribute buffs last longer, with a duration of 12s to 45s.
- Bolts have had their mana cost and damage reduced by around 20%, depending on gear and skills.
- The necromancy and arcane bolts have been normalized damage wise, but still impact all three resources.
- r50 have had their mana cost reduced by about 15%.
- Pungent mist's mana cost has been reduced by 30%.

- Parry should no longer lock the default attack.
- Power hour should now survive a relog even if it is off cooldown.
- Mirdain females should now have bones boots and gloves.
- Some leftovers from the legacy item recovery system have ben taken care of.   
As a general note on balancing:
This patch was mostly based on player feedback and we believe that it gets us much closer to the Truth regarding the balance between the various armors, and by extension, playstyles.

We still have work to do though, so keep in mind the following points:
We expect that medium and slow staves will still be a topic to monitor due to magnitude no longer being bound by the crafting cap.
Magic still has a few changes coming, especially charge up rays, improved damage drop off on aoes, and of course, non damage effects being impacted by magnitude.
All three of which are being worked on and we should see results in not too long.
We have high hopes for this week end's player tournament, we will be watching and we hope that it also serves as a testing ground to how the current situation is balance wise.
Have a nice week end and have fun.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.11 - Mount inventories
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Patch 3.11:

Mount Inventory Step 1:
- Mounts can now carry inventories for their owners:
   - Bluetails can carry 300kg.
   - Racial mounts can carry 600kg.
   - Battlehorn can carry 1000kg.
- A mount can be in several states:
   - Unattached and empty:
      - When a mount dies, it doesn't drop a grave.
      - When the owner presses alternate use, he gets the options to: unspawn, open inventory and attach.
      - If you are not the owner, you cannot open the inventory nor attach the mount.
      - For now, the option to force the inventory is always visible to non-owners to "bluff".
      - Non owners receive a new alternate use option to "force open" the saddlebag. It will take 60 seconds and warn the owner mid screen every 10s.
      - This option is always available for now to keep uncertainty. Later it will be tied to the presence of a saddlebag.
   - With inventory (later will be with a saddlebag equipped):
      - A mount with an inventory cannot be unspawned.
      - When the inventory is forced, its content is available to all with a looting timer.
      - Inventory forcing can be canceled by damaging the thief, the mount or opening the mount inventory.
      - Even when a mount is rode by a different player, the inventory will remain owned by the original player.
      - When a mount is killed it drops a grave that behaves like a strongbox: The mount grave is locked to all but the owner and needs battlespikes to be forced open.
      - When a mount is killed and the saddlebags has been forced, the mount grave is not locked.
      - Note that the grave model is a placeholder.
   - Attached (later will be with a magical leash attached) :
      - When attached, no one can ride or unspawn a mount, not even the owner.
      - It takes 5 seconds to attach a mount, and 5 seconds to detach it for the owner.
      - It takes 60 seconds for a non-owner player to detach a mount. The owner will be warned every ten seconds this is occurring.
      - When attached, a mount is magically protected and gains 50% reduction for all damage types except impact.
      - When the mount is damaged, the owner of the mount will be warned.
- Coming later:
   - Mount thieving will be integrated into the alignment system.
   - Negative sum aspects will be implemented in a general "economy sink" patch.
   - Saddlebags and leashes may become craftable items with a variety of tiers once we get into more crafting improvements.

Charge up rays:
- Formerly instant rays are now charge up rays:
   - Dragonbreath
   - Impale
   - Frostbite
   - Litghtningbolt
   - Unholy caress
- Charge up rays can be used instantly or by holding down the attack button.
- Charge up time is dependent on quicken casting skills and equipment.
- Charge up impact:
   - Damage will increase with charging.
   - Mana and stamina cost as well.
   - Shared cooldown will be of 0.5s or equal to charge up time if held longer than 0.5s.
   - Anything bellow 0.5s of charging will be treated as an instant cast.
- The spell effect is proportional to the final magnitude of the spell. Most noticeable for impale.

- AoE damage drop off formula for projectile based spells has been reworked:
   - 20% of the area remains at full damage instead of 30%.
   - Damage will drop off down to 15% of base damage instead of 42%.
- Toxic rain has had its damage lowered to be equivalent to other field AoEs when hitting average armor.
- Bolts, r50 and r90 spell damages have been lowered to have a more satisfying TTK versus average armor.
- Metal armor magical protections have been lowered to match the above reduction and keep a similar TTK to pre-patch.
- Archery base attack speed has been increased by 6%, with the quickness curve smoothed out to have smaller steps.

- The worldmap now has a directional arrow for the player, just like the mini map.
- There is now an option to no longer search as you type but only when you press enter. This should lower lag for those having issues with the map.
- Clearing the search field should clear markers better.
- Map markers should no longer disappear upon a loading screen.

Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
- Corrected tutorial typos.
- Crafting tooltips should be updated.
- Fixed one of the root causes of inventory desynchs, especially with weight.
- Fixed a source of local settings corruption.
- Refined detection for when to interrupt looting.
- Buff icons should no longer behave weirdly with toggle buffs and enchants.
- When drowning, you shall now truly sleep with the fishes.
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