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InDev Patch notes: Patch 6.0a
LATEST - Patch 6.0a - Titles and local banking
The general trend of this patch is to secure the early days economy and make crafters valuable.

It is our belief that the Darkfall franchise has historically let crafters down by never giving them enough tools to truly impact the world like combat minded players can.
Our objectives are to make all economy related actions meaningful in the grand scheme of things, and finally let players that enjoy playing the market enjoy themselves.

By doing so, these players will provide the glue that binds the economy, making combat minded players lives less tedious.
The win-win scenario provided by the division of labor.

Title system and crafting changes:
With this patch we introduce the title system with a first set of 48 titles.
The goal of this initial wave of titles is to setup the crafting titles and enough combat related titles to make it a difficult choice for the general population.

While established clans will remain self reliant and are not impacted much by this change, for most players this lowers the percentage of potential crafters from 100% of characters down to a very valuable minority.

This release is comprised of all the framework/code changes, and once secured, more changes will follow.

General title mechanics:
- You can select titles by clicking the "titles" button in the main menu.
- You can have 5 titles at a time. Make your selection and click apply to activate them.
- Titles level over real time once activated.
- The underlying skills and abilities still need to be leveled.
- For InDev it will take around 1h to max out, it will be 2 months post-release.
- When a title is deactivated, it will lose 10 levels for combat titles, 100 for industry titles.
- When a title is deactivated, it will lose levels over real time at the same speed as it would gain it.
- Titles are split in 4 categories:
   - Physical, one per weapon type.Exclude magical titles.
   - Magical, one per magic school. Exclude physical titles.
   - Industry, crafting and gathering.
   - General, various utility titles.
- The warrior and scholar titles are exceptions, they exclude their own categories as well.
- There is a "Combo" title that can allow the use of one excluded title.

Crafting title mechanics and crafting changes:
- Passive benefits of Industry titles are linear:
   - Crafting titles will passively increase the durability of produced items.
   - Harvesting titles will increase the speed and efficiency of gathering.
   - Skinning will increase in speed and have better odds.
- Crafting titles will unlock recipes in a frontloaded way.
   - You cannot craft anything without a title.
   - Enchanting items will be unlocked 15 title levels after the base recipe unlock.
   - All qualities are unlocked at once, but still require an enchanting level.
   - Skills with a mastery:
      - R00 Skill lvl 1  =>Title lvl 1 (instant)
      - R10 Skill lvl 25  =>Title lvl 5 (3 days)
      - R20 Skill lvl 50  =>Title lvl 10 (6 days)
      - R30 Skill lvl 75  =>Title lvl 20 (12 days)
      - R40 Mas lvl 1 =>Title lvl 30 (18 days)
      - R50 Mas lvl 25 =>Title lvl 40 (24 days)
      - R60 Mas lvl 50 =>Title lvl 50 (30 days)
      - R70 Mas lvl 75 =>Title lvl 65 (39 days)
      - R80 Mas lvl 100 => title lvl 85 (51 days)
   -  Skills without a mastery: (smelting/woodcutting/taming)
      - Skill lvl 1    => Title lvl 1 (instant)
      - Skill lvl 25  => Title lvl 10 (6 days)
      - Skill lvl 50  => Title lvl 20 (12 days)
      - Skill lvl 75  => Title lvl 30 (18 days)
      - Skill lvl 100=> Tiltel lvl 40 (24 days)
   -  Advanced skills: (shipbuilding/construction/artillery)
      - Skill lvl 1    => Title lvl 1 (instant)
      - Skill lvl 25  => Title lvl 20 (12 days)
      - Skill lvl 50  => Title lvl 40 (24 days)
      - Skill lvl 75  => Title lvl 55 (33 days)
      - Skill lvl 100=> Tiltel lvl 70 (42 days)
- You will still need to level each underlying crafting skill, including enchanting.
- Deactivating an Industry title resets its title level, but does not impact the underlying skills.
- Artillery and Warhulk construction are now merged in a single skill unlocked by the Artillery title.
- Jewelsmithing is temporarily removed, to be reworked sooner rather than later.
- Blood craft and shade craft are removed.
- More crafting related changes are to come in the short term.

Combat title mechanics:
- Combat titles are split in magical and physical categories that oppose each other.
- They provide passive buffs that grow linearly over title level.
- They have flat drawbacks that are instant on activation.
- When a combat title is deactivated:
   - It loses 10 levels instantly.
   - It loses all benefits instantly.
   - All skills the title unlocked become locked again.
- You still need to level the underlying skills.
- Deactivating a title does not impact the underlying skills level.
- You can still use all schools and weapon types, even without the title.
- Melee weapon titles bonuses are:
   - +6% damage
   - +6% attack speed
   - +6% stamina efficiency
   - Unlocks active abilities:
      - power attack => Title lvl 5 (3 days)
      - whirlwind => Title lvl 15 (9 days)
      - seize => Title lvl 25 (15 days)
- Magic school titles bonuses are:
   - +6% damage/magnitude
   - +6% casting speed
   - +6% spell cost reduction
   - +20% spell duration
   - Unlocks signature spells:
      - One at Title lvl 5 (3 days)
      - One at Title lvl 25 (15 days)
- To compensate these bonuses and maintain time to kill:
   - Overall damage/magnitude formula has been reduced by 13.3%.
   - Overall attack/casting speed formula has been reduced by 10%.
- Individual spell tweaks and moving around will come in the short term.

Local Banking and Global Gold Account:
Local banking is perhaps the most defining feature of Darkfall: New Dawn.
Combined with crafting titles and other changes, it will create the foundation for an healthy economy and a more convenient game.

- All banks in the world are now separate inventories.
- This is also true for clan vaults.
- For technical reasons, and to play it safe with persistence, individual local banks are limited and we set an overall cap of items.
   - Individual banks: 2000 items per bank. 6000 items overall.
   - Clan banks: 4000 items per bank. 12000 items per bank
- Once we monitor how it behaves, we'll decide on a final amount.
- Individuals have a gold account:
   - Adding gold to the account costs a 10% commission fee.
   - The gold can then be withdrawn at any bank in the world.
   - The gold can be used to purchase or pay fees in marketplaces.
- Clans also have a global gold account:
   - Adding gold to the account costs a 10% commission fee.
   - VCP rewards for the clan go in the account without fees.
   - The gold can be withdrawn by captains and up at any bank.
   - War declaration costs are taken from the clan's account.
- When a holding is lost through a siege:
   - The inventories of members of the owner clan and its allies go in a retrieval vault.
   - The content of the retrieval vault can be withdrawn only in one go.
   - That content can only be retrieved in nearby banks.
- When access to a bank is loss in any other way, the content remains there until access is restored.

For the sake of the transition and testing, some aspects of the mechanics are altered!
In specifics, the retrieval vaults will not be restricted by distance or forced to be an all or nothing withdraw.
When you first log in after the patch, you'll get extra options on all banks with your old global bank and clan vault available in the retrieve vault.
You will be able to withdraw individual items rather than be forced to retrieve all.
Additionally, upon losing holdings there will not be any restriction either, so that we can test the stability of the recovery feature.
Runestones can still work too so that you can test things around the world.

Loot table apocalypse:
Following the trend of other changes within this patch, the loot table apocalypse is an overall reduction of all things craftable from loot to leave more room to crafters.
Another goal is also to reduce potential sources of gold inflation to give it more value as a trading medium.
Now that this is done, we can build upon a stable foundation and add interest to various underused monster alongside crafting evolutions.

- Removed the daily loot cap that caused high loot first kills.
- Monsters no longer have raging loot tables.
- Gold drops have been reduced across the board:
   - Removed from:
      - Most high end monsters.
      - Non-humanoid monsters.
      - Low civilization monsters.
   - Reduced in most other cases.
   - Kept to be a gold hotspots on some monsters.
- All craftable items have been removed from monster loot, unless needed for a quest.
- Removed jewelry and gems from monster drops.
- Monster specific armors and some rare enchanted weapons have been kept.

Disclaimer: In the interim, craftable items in NPCs have not been touched so that newcomers can still find some basic gear until InDev ends.
At release, only r0 weapons will remain.

Other changes:
- All inventory windows in game can now be resized.
- Newbie protection changed to 20 hours.
- Starter weapons no longer have weight.
- The potential top speed of displacement effects has been reduced by 20%.
- Quest markers now follow traditional ! and ? conventions.
- Listing slots for marketplaces increased from 25 to 100.
- "You are no more engaged in a PvE Fight" is no more a thing.
- Greatclubs now level at the same speed as other weapons.
- Obad and Nerghum should no longer be respawn traps.
- The cost of praying has increased to 1000 + 500 x times prayed.
- Holdings upkeep has doubled:
   - 5040 per day for cities.
   - 2016 per day for hamlets.
- War declarations costs have been divided by 2.
- But the minimum has increased from 10 000g to 20 000g.

Patch 6.0a:
- Error 1062 should no longer occur. If you still have an issue, please contact us by private message.
- Items losing attributes/enchants in banks upon re-logging should no longer occur.
- Title fixes:
    - Armor Master title was bugged and is now fixed, it will also show in your stat window. Test it again.
    - Warrior and Veteran Brawler impact all physical skills, not just melee.
    - Some description clarifications.
- Digging has been fixed.
- Goblin axe drops have been increased.
- Goblin HP have been lowered to reflect the reduction of base damage.
- Pressing F on clan banks should now have the expected results.
- Clan vault access rights are back to captain.
- ? buttons on windows will now work, even after disabling the tutorial.
- Free trial has been activated with x3 leveling speed.
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Re: Patch notes
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Patch 1.0:
Alignment and anti grind:
    - Set leveling speed at x10.
    - Added meditation rewards to all quests, so that they give a minimum of 400mp.
    - Quest rewards proportional to duration as a blue player and alignment, up to 220%.
    - Remove passive resistance skills.
    - Existing global cooldowns changed to become shared cooldowns.
    - Disabled old-titles and old-title quests.
    - Removed redundant skills and make their effects baseline:
        - Acrobatics
        - Crouch walk
        - Diving
        - Jump
        - Rest
        - Riding
        - Run
        - Sprint
        - Survivalist
        - Swimming
        - Spotter
    - Removed redundant skills, with reworked attributes/statistic curves:
        - Clever
        - Fleet
        - Ingenious
        - Muscular
        - Nimble
        - Pack Mule
        - Perseverance
        - Sturdy
        - Tireless
        - Toughness
        - Esoteric
    - Unlock regeneration skills for new characters:
        - Endurance
        - Fitness
        - Focus
    - Diminishing returns on Health, Stamina and Mana.
    - Adapted attribute buffs/debuffs to diminishing returns.

    - Improved default bindings.
    - Improved default interface layout.
    - Introduction of the Weapons bar.
    - Introduction of the new resizable vital stats window.
    - Auto-sprint.
    - One button press 1 handed + shield.
    - Default abilities for weapons bar slots and default weapons for hotbar slots.
    - Trying to use a melee ability with a different type of weapon will switch to the appropriate ability if known by the character.
    - Hotbar auto switch, auto cast and auto revert to previous weapon combination.
    - Give default weapons and hotbar default bind to all characters at creation.
    - Give a skiner in a new character's back pack and place it on default weapons bar layout.
    - Rebound lean left and lean right to alt+mouse click.
    - Save gui persistence more often to avoid losing it in a crash.
    - Selecting an equipped item when already equipped no longer unequips it

Virtual World:
    - Removed clan teleportation chambers from the game.
    - Removed bindstone_recall and house_recall from the game.
    - Buff racial skills impacting health and mana to give 20 points instead of 5 points.

    - Buffed strafing speed to be equivalent to mahirim huntspeed lvl 60. lvl 120 for Mahirims themselves.
    - Fall damage when at 1hp now carry over to stamina. Once reaching 1 to both hp and stamina, character is Knocked down.
    - Jumping when moving at high velocity will cost more stamina.
    - Prevent consuming stamina when pressing jump while already in the air.
    - Made archery jump shooting and water shooting baseline.
    - Made magic jump shot baseline.

    - Deactivate PostProcessing effect in Video options by default.
    - Lobby launches game automatically in full screen and largest resolution.
    - Disable small text location on screen by default.
    - Activated show FPS option by default.
    - Click OK closes option windows
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 1.3
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Patch 1.1:
    - The client persistence files now have a backup file in the same directory. Should reduce the corruption and need to delete it.
    - We should have fixed the jump bug that kept people stuck to the ground.
    - Updated the Journal interface to not allow gold to purchase meditation points and to remove traces of the old attribute perks.
    - Added some starting r10 gear in the backpack of new players to have them spread faster.
    - Minor tweaks and fixes.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 1.3
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Patch 1.2:
    - Fixed an issue related to hotbars in combat that was causing stuttering and crashes.
    - Added "c" as a default key binding for the weapons bar toggle.
    - Additional work on making the persistence files corrupt less often.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 1.3
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Patch 1.3:
General changes:
    - Monsters spawning without weapons should have been fixed.
    - Many of the spawns that have been reported as exploitable have been disabled. Keep reporting them.
    - Increased the rates of progression for attributes when actively playing by x8
    - Except wisdom which is only x2.
    - Transfer spells requirements have been lowered:
        - Stamina to Health at lvl 10.
        - Mana to Stamina at lvl 20.
        - Health to Mana at lvl 30.
    - Stamina cost of jumping reworked to grow over speed linearly rather than exponentially.
    - Stamina cost of jumping is now based on percentage of max stamina to not disadvantage new players.

Quality of life:
    - The current weapon is unsheathed when pressing the trigger key.
    - Improved main menu and inclusion of weapons bar and ammo counter bar toggle buttons.
    - The weapons bar may now be toggled even in gui mode.
    - Set default shaders version to PS2_0.
    - Auto optimization is now disabled by default.
    - Mouse smoothing is deactivated by default.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 1.4
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Patch 1.4:
- Attributes now have diminishing returns.
- Impale damage type has been changed to acid damage.
- Insect swarm is no longer part of the instant ray group.
- Added quests in starter zones for new player to get a mount.
- You can now equip yourself and use consumables while resting.

- Reagents and spell extensions are now shown on the hotbar and weaponsbar tooltips.
- Clan and journal windows should now properly fit their content.
- Increased the maximum size and zoom of the world map.
- Graves are no longer open at random but next to the backpack window.
- You can now set the weapons bar to be scrolled through without looping from the last slot to the first.

Bug fixes:
- Getting stuck while casting should be fixed, or at least be less frequent.
- Archer monsters should now always spawn with a weapon.
- Sea fortresses have been disabled until they can be contested by more players.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 1.5
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Patch 1.5:
- Tutorial images have been updated to no longer give the wrong bindings.
- Players should now be able to use right click to switch from interface to action mode.
- Daily quests now have a 22h cooldown instead of a 24h cooldown.
- The default size of the Vital stats is increased by 40% to be larger until someone notices it is resizable.
- When reverting to a default ability, the hotbar is no longer changed.
- Melee powers are now compatible with the weapons bar. (Rage)
- Bound items that are no longer in inventory are now shown with a blood shaded red in the hotbar and weaponsbar to make binds more visible.
- The tooltips now displays the name and description of items that are no longer in the inventory.
- Fixed a bug where the hotbar was switched when scrolling over absent items.
- Fixed a bug where absent items were considered incompatible with dropped items and removed from the weapons bar and hotbar.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 2.0
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Patch 2.0:
- First step of performances increase.
- Added diminishing returns to combat skills and combat passive skills. (magic schools, weapons skills, intensifies, masteries, mana efficiency, archmage, etc)
- No more surging for archery and melee.
- Monsters will always spawn a grave now.

- Fixed Kraken and other monsters damage curves.
- Fixed a server crash linked to adding new buildings in a holding.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 2.1
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Patch 2.1:
Step two of performance upgrades:
In an MMO like Darkfall, what costs a lot to the client isn't only processing but also blocking operations.

For example:
- Loading assets from the disk.
- Allocating memory.
- Handling network packets.

Unlike other resource intensive operations, the issue with blocking ones is that the cpu waits on completion and is not used at its full capacity.
What we will be pushing in this patch are deep framework changes that should not only improve performances, but are the foundation of future enhancement.

- Parallelization of loading assets contained in the archives:
We are testing this framework change by loading some mandatory assets parallelly during loading screens before using it for loading everything.
As a consequence, it will slightly reduce the loading screen duration when launching the game, and in the future, it will allow a significantly faster loading screen, a reduced load lag, and a smoother experience (less FPS drops).
This is more of a stability test, to see how it behaves on the variety of hardware players are using.

- Allocating core common objects only once:
In average, these common objects were the source of 300 memory allocation every 170ms. We will now allocate them only once and then re-use them when needed.
As a consequence it should make siege and large scale pvp smoother: you should have a bit more average fps.

Anti Griefing and alignment:
- Party and clan members cannot kill/gank without losing alignment. (forgiving a kill will prevent alignment loss)
- Changed the chat font to make capital i distinct from lower case L.
- Party, trade, and clan invitation now share a cool down to reduce spam.
- All Fighter and Mage NPCs now behave like capital city NPCs. This includes starter cities and chaos cities.

Bug fixes:
- Persistent files should now corrupt less often.
- Stamina drain on jump is now adapted to character progression level rather than balanced around maxed out characters.
- Double jump now only takes horizontal velocity into account when calculating its stamina drain.
- Fixed a bug where quest rewards did not start regenerating over time for some characters.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 2.2
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Patch 2.2:
Step 3 of performance upgrades:
Since our patch earlier this week worked out well, we have extended the use of our framework changes to an increased amount of resources.
We expect increased average FPSes, around +10% on i5 and i7 and a slightly reduced loadlag.

Changed skills prerequisites:

Mana Conservation: 50 intelligence.
It was one of the most tedious grind in the game, and this way it should take a decent amount of time, but through general use of magic.

Necromancy et Arcane: Greater Magic lvl 50.
The idea here is that trough titles, schools should become a character's identity sooner. Spellchanting and Whitchcraft will have their own titles too and be fleshed out more.
This way we can make a more interesting s

To help raise their school more organically, some skills have been lowered:
- Sacrifice: Spellchanting level 1.
- Witches Brew: Witchcraft level 1.
- Heal Other: Greater magic level 1.

Basic movement spells have also been made easier to obtain:
- Begone: Greater magic level 15.
- Launch has ben made baseline for all new characters.
- Telekinesis: greater magic level 1.

To motivate continuing greater magic after unlocking advanced schools and reinforce its use as a all purpose mage utility school:
- Venom: Greater magic level 50.
- Confusion: Greater magic level 60.
- Hasten Spell: Greater magic level 80.

Smoothed out the non magic abilities unlocks to make leveling more interesting:
- Seize -> 60
- Whirlwind -> 50
- Knockback -> 40
- Disabling Blow -> 30
- Power Attack -> 20
- Disabling shot -> 50

The reading and digging skills have been made baseline for all characters
Skills and spells that have been made baseline are at 1g without requirements for those that had existing characters. Nothing is free in this world.

Alignment changes:
- Attacking a horse or warhulk riden by a blue racial ally in the last 30 seconds will make you go rogue. (first step before more mounts related changes)
- Forgiveness requests should now always be asked even in case of instant death or after a loading screen.
- If a request times out, because of a crash for example, forgiveness is the default value. (presumption of innocence)

- 404: Arcanist inventory not found has been fixed.
- Two human arcanists had blackbolts for sale, they were the only one with it. They no longer do.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 2.3
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Patch 2.3:
- Step 4 of performances upgrades. This should be the largest one yet.
- Fix multiple historical memory leaks. The Darkfall client is stabler than ever.
- Archives optimizations.
- Reduced the weight of reagents.
- Fixed some monsters that were spawning without weapons.
- Bowyer mastery will now raise trueforge weapons.
- Tier 2 clan mages now sell hasten spell as part of Greater magic.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 2.4
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Patch 2.4:
Removal of fizzles:
- Characters can no longer fail spells at random.
- Individual spells will use their previous fizzle odds to increase cast time and reduce magnitude to produce the same loss of DPS, without the random aspect.
- Players with 0 encumbrance are handled as if they had no odds of fizzles in the old system.
- When under the effect of the tongue rot spell, a spell can soft-fizzle at random, in which case it will cost twice the amount of mana/stamina and will have half the magnitude of a normal cast.
- Transfers will keep a flat cost when they soft fizzle.
- Adept is unchanged, and will act similar to unburden, but it is scheduled to be changed further down the line.

Please note: the system is under tuned to not break destroyers, but we made the entire system modular so we can tweak it easily.
We're expecting a lot of feedback from the players to let us find the proper encumbrance impact to avoid heavy armored mages becoming the norm.

Removal of all global diplomatic announcement at the exception of:
- When a holding gets captured or changes hands, the announcement is still global to allow for bragging rights.
- Village related global messages.

Bugfixes and tweaks:
- Siegestones can now be placed at a maximum distance of 1000m, increased from 750m.
- Monster loot table fixes.
- Idawoll blacksmith now has the proper inventory.
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 2.5
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Patch 2.5:
- Final step of the Patch 2 performances updates.

First step of the engagement system:
- You can no longer gain any xp unless engaged in PvE:
- You get engaged by:
- damaging or debufing a monster.
- being damaged or being debuffed by a monster.
- buffing or healing a player that is engaged.

Quality of life:
- Removed launch's reagent cost and added it to the default hotbar for new characters.
- Added chat options to change the global font and its size.
- Auto forgive kills and ganks for clans and party.

Linked Spells
- When reaching the unlock level for a magic school subskill, it is automatically learned.
- Spells that do not have any organic ways of leveling in PvE will now be linked to the school skill level, or the subskill that was unlocked right before it.
- If you already had the spell elveled, it will keep its level until the skill it is linked to catches up.
- Existing skill manuals will still provide levels to the individual spells, but they won't level more until the skill they are linked to catches up.
- Spells give extra XP to the subskill they are linked to, in order to have a direct impact on their own progression.
- For the levels to update, you need to cast a spell of that school in PvE at least once.

List of linked spells:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
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Re: Patch notes: Patch 2.6
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Patch 2.6:
- Fixed one of the most impacting memory leak remaining (should help players alt-tabbing often and for general client stability)
- Quests now give meditation up to the cap when rather than not giving anything at all.
- Fixed water logging when on the edge of a body of water. If you know other ways, please report them.
- Fixed the checkboxes appearing on generic confirmation windows such as admin messages.
- Chat font options are now persisted properly between reconnects.
- Solved intensify skills not being given automatically in some cases.
- Change stormblast link from quicken spell air magic to mana efficiency air magic.
- Linked acid ward with durable spells earth magic and lightning ward with durable spell air magic.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Patch notes: Patch 3.0
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Patch 3.0:
Graphical item selection framework step 1:
- You can now select items in your inventories the same way you would select files on your operating system.
- Clicking and dragging the mouse in an inventory now starts a selection box.
- Ctrl+left click in an inventory toggles items from the selection.
- Ctrl+Double Left Click in an inventory selects all identical items.
- Selected items are highlighted.
- The amount of selected items is indicated in text at the bottom right of inventories.
- You may drag and drop selection or individual items on bags.

Some limitations:
- To not overload the server and monitor the toll it takes on it with a live population, selection are limited to 100 items for now.
- We have not included graves yet, as we want to implement a timer system for them.
- Keep in mind that historically, and unlike crafting or vendor output, you cannot manually move a non stackable object in a container where there are already 2000 objects of the same type.
- Deleting large amount of items in short succession was causing issues, so we had to disable this feature at the last minute. Selling to vendors does work properly and is the preferred alternative.
- Once we are sure the system works well, all these limitations will be progressively raised, then lifted, and we will add more features to it.

- As of patch 2.6, we have secretly added a server side detection system. For those of you that were stalked/caught or that reported a spawn and were asked to continue, know that the system detected you.
- This has also helped build a list of monsters that get confused too easily, even if not exploitable. This gives us a priority list of monsters to rework in the future.
- We'll test the system openly, and if it proves accurate now that you know to try and break it, we'll re-enable the spawns we disabled in the past.

Village control point rework step 1:
- Every clanned player damaging a control point will have a meditation reward based on:
   - Being in the losing clan: 1000
   - Being in the winning clan: 3000
   - Being last hitter: 3500
- The area surrounding a village will become lawless starting 30 minutes before a control point is vulnerable and stopping 30 minutes after capture.
- For this we created a dynamic area sensor that can be placed and toggled at will. This is its first use, and once proof tested, will be used for other features. (Sieges, watchtowers, etc)

New meditation sources:
- Chaos chests.
- Keys chest.
- Treasure maps.

Progression tweaks:
- The xp linked spells forward to their parent when it is a subskill has been doubled to connect more accurately using a spell to its individual progression.
- All advanced schools of magic now provide a very small xp gain for lesser magic and greater magic. Greater magic provides some gains for lesser magic too.
- The following spells now have xp gains appropriate for their cooldowns:
   - Eye rot.
   - Instant Rays.
   - R90s.
   - Field AoEs.

- Lowered the clan size limits for sieges to 5 members for a hamlet and 10 members for a city.
- The weight of stone has been divided by 2.
- Runestones can now be crafted for 4 portal shards and 500 gold at level 1 alchemy.
- The Selentine golem int the south of Cairn should now spawn properly.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.