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Indev - crafting masteries
First - Thanks, having a blast InDev, your communications and level of professionalism is impressive.

Can you clarify does "Crafting Mastery's" include the Harvesting mastery's or is it limited to the 3 true crafting?

IE - Weapon smithing, Armor smithing, Bowyer (I don't think there are any others) only

Re: Indev - crafting masteries
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it will include all crafting and gathering masteries, including the new ones we may create during development.
The masteries will need you to relevel to 100 your base skill, in order to unlock them for free, and previous levels won't be kept.
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Re: Indev - crafting masteries
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Gathering masteries are given at 75, so I assume you only need 75 (and not 100 as you mentioned) to unlock the gathering masteries!

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Re: Indev - crafting masteries
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Ill borrow the thread.
How is it going to work with gathering masteries and titles? I read somewhere else if you go for the firemage title you have a 10% bonus with fire magic. But 10% gathering bonus in mining isnt really worth it if I can have mining, woodcutting, herb gathering at a 100 aswell but I dont have the 10% which seems useless?

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Re: Indev - crafting masteries
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IIRC with titles you can decide what % or rares you want to drop over others, so you can specialize for example, is salentine extractor and smelter and so on.
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Re: Indev - crafting masteries
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Indeed, sorry for the confusion.

@Dave The Barbarian
For harvesting the title will unlock the abilities to tap certain nodes and decrease gathering time. As said above, you'll be able to specialize your mix of results, for example, being a reagents harvester more than a "ore" harvester.
The general idea is to make dedicated characters more efficient at harvesting. They'll do it in less time so they can make either a larger profit per hour, or a lesser price and outsell the competition.
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