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Re: Remove Gold Increase Mats
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If it annoys you because it doesn't feel realistic, consider it a fee for using the crafting station. Crafting in player cities actually gives part of the gold to the owning clan.

Re: Remove Gold Increase Mats
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Nothing like a realism argument in a game based on fantasy, but only for things that benefit you and not for the 1000 other things that aren't realistic because its a game based on fantasy.

Can we get rid of appearing at bindstone when we die, its not very realistic and magic and figurines that become animals and boats as well, oh yeah and only humans actually exist and we all know monsters dont really exist so just animals to farm,, actually lets just can the whole game and go play second life.

Actually lets come up with better arguments than realism.

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Re: Remove Gold Increase Mats
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WTF, you are merely suggesting to adjust the mats /recipes to match what is easier available to you?

My suggestion is remove all mats, keep ONLY the gold.
ALL your concerns will be 100% fixed in DnD.