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Mirdain quests
I've been following the quest line and generally it is working well. At present, I am dead-ended for the main Mirdain quest line, and trying to do the Emerald Throne Quest line- I assume it will send me back when I have finished them. The Emerald Throne quest line is a bit too hard for players who are not experienced in DF and/or trying to play solo. It took three of us to do the ghouls quest near Inarith, two to do the Akathars, and then two of us tried to do Forest Prophets and were promptly slaughtered.

Given that the quest line appears to otherwise dead end here, it might be worth either allowing access to another, easier fork or to adjust the difficulty level a bit. It will be frustrating to feel blocked, or lose valuable equipment early on beating your head against a brick wall.

I'm sure that veteran DFO players blew through these without any problem, I am trying to look at them from the perspective of a new player. I remember getting stuck at a similar point with the Dwarf quest line when I was first playing so many years ago and it was very frustrating.

Keep up the good work! Overall very enjoyable!

Re: Mirdain quests
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I did find one new Mirdain quest by checking all the NPC's in the starter city I am living out of- so perhaps I am not as deadended as I thought!

Perhaps some visual indicator on the map, when an NPC has a quest to offer, would help newer players?

Re: Mirdain quests
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ur right and ur not. the quest will be hard for a new solo player, but you are not forced to to that questline straight away, there is plenty of quests around the map at wilderness banks and dungeons wich is easier,

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Re: Mirdain quests
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If a quest is too tough:  Go farm a bit, skill up, get some better gear, then try it again a day or two later.  Did exactly that and had no problem with all those quests you mention when they were a little difficult on the first try.  If you want some help getting some of these done, PM me.  The quest chain definitely continues after where you are, I am several past it now and am able to handle them just fine.  The Gray Orks start to get a little tough, but what doesn't kill you...   :)

Re: Mirdain quests
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If the quest is too tough - get help from others!

Darkfall can be solo played - but it's more fun with someone else.

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Re: Mirdain quests
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There are already 90x very easy quests (they are all the same pretty much) in 3 starter cities (3x ~30). Please do them. Otherwise, the quests you mention give a lot better rewards and should be harder to do. You rarely need a better character if you want to solo them, just get a few friends with you if it's too hard for you.

It's weird to me though, as the quests you are mentioning (Prophets, Windlords) I could easily solo with 25 archery. There are a lot harder mobs you will have to kill later in the questlines. 
ALL your concerns will be 100% fixed in DnD.