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To Buy or Not to Buy
    So just some context, I've always liked the idea of MMORPG's but out of all of the ones I've tried I've disliked most of them, and I recently discovered the reason for that was I don't like the overall formula used for most MMO's, the way they play what you do ect.  The only MMO I've ever liked was Eve Online but the learning curve on that game is insane plus I wanted something a bit more diverse then just space.  What I liked about Eve is what my ideal MMO is, player-based economy, PVP, open world and all that, and I only recently found this game and apparently it has most of the features I'd find fun in a game and I'm curious to try it.
    The problem here is I'm tight on money right now, I'm going into college at the end of the year, my current job let me go so I'm in the process of finding a new one, so I'm trying to be sure that what few things I spend my money on is worthwhile.  Since most of you reading this have probably played the game for awhile by this point I'm wondering if the game is worth the price your paying to play it.  Curious to see what you peeps will think, thanks.
(P.S. I've no idea if this is the correct part of the forum where I post a question like this¯\_(ツ)_/¯, it said 'player help' but if this is the wrong place just direct me to the correct section, much appreciated) 

Re: To Buy or Not to Buy
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In case this isn't another bot post, I'll bite :)

If you buy any Darkfall: New Dawn package (even the lowest one at 20 €), you can play it as much as you want.
But you'll mostly play it as a single player game, as the game is pretty dead. Devs faced some financial trouble and more or less there's no more devs, only 1 guy hoping to pull things off..

You could also check Darkfall: Rise of Agon, last I heard it's free2play. Combat is similar, world is almost the same...

PS both Darkfalls have insane learning curve (at least to be any good in PvP; PvE is a lot easier)

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Re: To Buy or Not to Buy
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I'm not a bot don't worry lol, but thanks for the info.  I'll check out Rise of Agon, didn't know about the learning curve though, reminds me of what I heard before playing Eve and that game is a monster, but yeah thanks my dude.

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