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A True Darkfall Player
I don't care about population.

I took a DF vacation...went to my usual vacation spot...Yssam.

Visited our clan city - Talpec...glorious.  I got buffs just being there!!!!

Just fell down a huge pit in Nif.  Typing while bad.

Give me a damn deed devs!!!

My character has intense eyes.

I've come to realize that my spending 98% of my time in Alfar lands during DFO was a benefit - these subcontinents suck.

But thank you for the cities - they are resplendent!

I am in Enclave

I've seen Old Timers Guild

In fact I'm stealing their ore in all my DF travelers checks on me and everything

I've seen fellow Enclave player recently

I've seen no one else and I've traveled from Alfar lands, to all of Yssam and to all of Nif.

There is much work to be done.  Destruction is everywhere. 

I'm going to ride the edge of the earth on my little raft.

Does anyone know where I buy the ship building skill??

The edge of the world is steaming....

Who has really ever seen all of Agon?

This game is life.

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Re: A True Darkfall Player
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You buy shipbuilding from a Blacksmith in a player holding. Costs 15k

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Re: A True Darkfall Player
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Somebody give this poor guy a deed before the game shuts down!

Re: A True Darkfall Player
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The game is awsome, specially if you have someone to play it with. The PvE is really engaging, and stumbling into the fire dragon is an absolute thrill! No other game can give you that feeling of danger and despare.

We need more players, and someone to work out the bugs, that's all

Re: A True Darkfall Player
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Lol, "we need more players".  There's pretty much a decade of posters on all four DF iterations saying that.  I guess you're new here.

That being said, I agree with every point you make.  It's just never been enough to keep the game alive.

Re: A True Darkfall Player
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Yes, OTG is still around and playing. You are welcome to hit the mine in Uqtu, it is not possible for us to 'empty' it under the current rules. The smelter is also built for your convenience.

I haven's had anything useful drop from a chaos chest on NIff for a long, long time- got 1K gold off one yesterday. We don't have any deeds atm.

Re: A True Darkfall Player
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In all honesty,

I'm really enjoying myself in the game currently.

There are no worlds bigger and richer than Agon.  You might be sailing along the coast and uncover a small village.  No mobs.  Just evidence of life at some point.  It's awesome the level of detail considered in this game.

There are still mobs I encounter that I've never seen before.  Yep - played for YEARS previously and still running into mobs I've never seen before.  The world is that big.  Some are so repulsive I think I blocked them out the first time I saw them (Son of Ochran, Arthain Hunchback, and Twoheaded Arthain - dear God that shit is disturbing).

The other day....I wondered into Red Dragon territory.  OH SHIT!!  If you don't hear the roar first you feel a massive fireball up your butt.  And that thing will follow you.  It will follow and follow...just when you think you're safe...fireball up the butt.  I found some water and hid in the deeps.  I eventually escaped.  Killed my mount though - and you never really know how big Agon is until you're stranded on foot in the middle of nowhere.

Today...I saw another player.  Well....I thought I did.  Turned out it was a mob firing at me from behind but for a moment it was ON!  He was on foot, I circled around a hill, laid into him from range while I ran up on him and then I brought the axe down on his head.  Man, he went down fast - that's when I realized he was a mob.

I need cloth though.  Where do I get cloth.  I had a dream that I bought it from a vendor.  Can I do that?  I bought the shipbuilding skill and want to build a ship.  I need cloth though.

It's been over a week since I've seen another player.  I've seen a voice over chat a few times but no one in person.  But I know I am not alone.  Villages are always capped, some houses still have names, and the NPCs are always willing to talk with me. 

At any rate, its been fun for me lately.  Thanks for that.

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Re: A True Darkfall Player
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@CreepLord Open map in-game, CTRL+F, type cloth, press enter, and check all the mobs that drop it.
On top of my head, your best bet are:
Sarlids, Trolls, Spiders.

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Re: A True Darkfall Player
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85% /s

Re: A True Darkfall Player
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OP I should have given you the three houses I was maintaining but they are lost. I logged in Saturday pretty sure I had enough time but it was never gone - whatever lol. One of the more disappointing end to a game ive played in a while

Re: A True Darkfall Player
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The only thing really wrong with this game is that it isnt being developed and it could shut down next week for all we know,
Noone wants to play under those circumstances.
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Re: A True Darkfall Player
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You know...I just play the game.

Tonight I escorted a dude from Yssam to Bloodscar.  He was overemcubered the whole time.  It was awesome.  I saw a ton of shit, had great conversation, and made a friend.

Then I went to try and take a village and some naked random person locked me in their house and I could literally not kill them.  Granted, for some reason my dude got locked in
that weird only slash straight downward instead of side to side mode but whatever.  It was a long fight.  It was a long but awesome night.

I can't complain. 

Please keep the server up and running.

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Re: A True Darkfall Player
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great that you still enjoy your time and can experience adventures
Darkfall is the best experience on PC with my pants not unzipped.