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Alfar Crafter at your service
I'm making mounts, and metal armors. 
Selling Mounts @ 400per, will deliver.  Bulk discounts are available.
If you wish to have mounts made, I will PAY YOU 50gold per steedgrass you give me.   Give me 10 steedgrass, I'll give you 11 mounts, or 500 gold, your choice.

Prefer to be paid in resources, but gold is always accepted.   Feel free to message me in game: Cotton EyeJoe

Now up to Scale w/ Trueforge armor of ~20.  Wep Smith and TrueForge weapon starting this weekend. 
Wood cutting is 55, so I can make Rafts on demand.  Launches by week's end.
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Sadly, we feel the same way.
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