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Re: 27 villages
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Although I hate to side with Wild, he's taking the more reasonable stance here.

If you each approached a hot chick in a bar, and one of you explained how you spent 20+ hours per week in a game with 100 players, and the other explained how you spent 20+ hours per week in a game with 1000+ players, you'd both be viewed as EXACTLY equal by 95% of the hot chicks in the world.

A nerd in a glass house shouldn't throw stones.

A nerd in a glass house can throw stones, its not like he going to break anything.


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Re: 27 villages
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This thread is quite similar to Raap's "we won UW". Lolz.

Re: 27 villages
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So many negative nancies.
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Re: 27 villages
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Wild, here's an analogy of this post. Rim is right thought, at least you feel special.
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Re: 27 villages
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This thread is something.

It wasn't my intention but apparently a simple picture with no additional description became a psychological test. I never said that taking 27 villages in the game in current state is an accomplishment of some sort or even indication of anything really. But all of you interpreted it in ways that allowed you to insult or laugh at something/someone. What a bunch of losers.

And @Pallist Horror , this picture basically screams that the game is unpopulated. Yet you felt like it needs to be explained. I'm not surprised you use phrases like "you brain dead moron", you must have been hearing them a lot.
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Re: 27 villages
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Wild, you're still unable to see how you present yourself.

You have this idea that darkfall can be this living breathing world where everyone takes on little roles and creates an economy and conquest system.

When people ask ub3r to communicate, bring up the alt issuesand the crafting title issues, you are unable to see outside your tiny way of playing.

Your response is always the same, don't like it then GTFO.

That's what i point out to you. You got exactly what you asked for. People got the fuck out.

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Re: 27 villages
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I said I would be coming to some of the villages the next day to one of the horde guys in chat and no1 showed up =(.

Re: 27 villages
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hey guys trash clan here btw
we were able to cap 27 villages in a day
game must be alive af for terrible players to cap this many villages!

You should recomend the game to new players. It's never been in a better state

Re: 27 villages
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damn its real dead.

!remind me in 45 days

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Re: 27 villages
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everyone knows horde is worst zerg clan in the game

Re: 27 villages
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Rats had 6 people at neithstone and elish today. We bringing the zerg back.
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Re: 27 villages
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You can find us in Andruk.