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Old darkfall Vet need assistant

i was playing original darkfall alot until i decided i want my live back and quit playing :P
Now i was wondering should i sell my soul again and start playing ones more  :D

i quit playing before unholy wars came so i have literally no idea what kind of improvements has happened if there is any?
Also i noticed rise of agon and new dawn are different games (dunno if that is a smart move since it separates players?)

So i wonder is here any old vets still around who could say is it worth to play anymore?
aaand is there my old character or atleast profile somewhere save or full wipe? (either i have forgot my profile name or something...)

Also i noticed it has been few months since last update info from devs on forum...  Is it still same thing as before that they dont listen community and rarely updates the game?

And please only meaningfull answers :)

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Re: Old darkfall Vet need assistant
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Improvements have happend.

It is a smart move because both dev teams wanted too different end goals to team up

Yes, there are old vets around.

You will need to make a new account+character, no matter what version you play.

The last question is a bit harder, during the indev (beta) of this game, they communicated a ton and had fairly frequent updates.
Right now, they've completely changed in both aspects and its causing some unrest. (or a lot, depending how much of your soul has been consumed).
The hope, however small, is that there will be a patch soon and that some of the issue's they've been dealing with get solved so we can continue like we used to

Re: Old darkfall Vet need assistant
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thank you for answering :)

yea i remember that they had hard time keep players up to date or the lack of knowledge how important is to keep players up to date.
So looks like that has not really changed. Its quite sad that after (hmm 6years?) they still dont get it  :))
Well it cost only 10€ to try it again so i give it a shot :)

Re: Old darkfall Vet need assistant
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Check this link out, it will help a returning vet greatly to give it a quick read.

Re: Old darkfall Vet need assistant
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well it has been so long time that i most likely forgot everything :P
But thanks alot. i will read that now :)

btw i dint even remember how hard it is to find stuff like pots and pans etc  :o (actually still looking) :D

Re: Old darkfall Vet need assistant
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Tools except for repairs were removed and are now always on you (hidden) including gathering tools. Crafts require a title now, even cooking and processing.

Re: Old darkfall Vet need assistant
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ah.. no wonder i did not find any  :D
thx for that.

No that i have been looking through forum i noticed that this game might end (again) surely devs acts same way as before.
but if even this falls there is allways ROA

Re: Old darkfall Vet need assistant
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Chicken Littles everywhere.

The game isn't shutting down. Ignore those threads.

What's real is piss poor communication and unacceptable patch delays for general tweaks, balances, and hot fixes.
We're stuck hoping it's all in a Jesus patch. To date of my gaming life, no game has ever released a Jesus patch though. So we're looking at a long time for shit to get better.
85% /s