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Re: New player
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There is probably hundreds of players that log in every day, but keep in mind:
* most probably spend very little time actually in-game (just do a quick meditation gain and log off)
* world is huge
* there is no teleportation of any kind (except for respawning on death)
* local banking -> if you want gear elsewhere, you need to transport it

When you combine all of that + Ub3rgames' silence and lack of updates for the last 5 months... you end up with half of the world almost dead, and center having some bang (at best you'll find 40 players on a VCP, and even that's a stretch lately)

Considering the game's low price, I'd still recommend giving it a try. And definitely join a clan asap to have some company when you play.
I might guess a few hundred.  But "hundreds" seems unlikely,

Umm you never took any logic classes did you? If you guess there are a few hundred then you would consider it 'likely' there are 100s not 'unlikely'.

Re: New player
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