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New player
So I am downloading the game now and have not played at all yet. Is there a good area/race etc that I will probably be safe playing while I learn a bit about the game and decide the route I want to go?

I know almost nothing about the game and with it obviously having the PvP element all I can think back to is the old Ultima Online days of constant PK's lol.

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You will be safe with any race you choose. You have newbie protection to start. Starter areas are really safe. Most people don't roam to kill players especially new. The world is pretty big.

Choose the race you think looks the coolest and go from there.

Get referrals for clans in this thread. Every clan functions pretty different and it's a players market atm because population is stagnant while waiting for new content
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Try each race that interest you using a throw away name. Once you delete a character that name is gone and it's hell getting it back.

Play through each race starter quests and follow the chain. The starter quests start from the Counciler in each starter town and will take you to various outposts.

Then decide on your official race using your chosen name.

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Pop is low until the next patch is out.  Until then, you won't get pvp unless you seek it out.

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Being an ex-UO player you should love this.

A couple of key things:

Most people will use R50 or R60 equivalent gear.
You can buy gear up to R30 from NPC vendors from NPC cities, you do pay top dollar though.

Set up some titles asap. If you are not sure what titles are, ask ingame.
Put the 5th title on rotation early on and use it to make bags, mounts, R0 armor and weapons

Once you get med points from starter quests, use the menu system to spend them.
Decide on a skill that you want to elevate while offline. Personal med points are used to do just that.

Clan med points are not useful to you, except to make it more attractive to a clan to have you involved with them.
You want this because clans will have crafters that will give or sell you gear for less than npc vendors.

Don't get too caught up on crafting your own gear until you have a few weeks invested in the game and know what's what.
See above on how to use the 5th title early on.

Chaos chests spawn randomly on the map. They don't explode. They cannot be trapped by other players. Its always a good thing to open them.

There is local banking. There is no fast travel.

If you kill a certain number of a certain type of spawn, a champion mob will spawn. They hurt. They also give you med points and stat and skill potions that increase stat and skill values (not caps like UO).

Housing is not as good as in UO, costs about 2000 gold per week, but provides a deathport.

I hope the game suits you.

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Devs haven't posted an update on the forums in 2+ months and game hasn't been patched in 6 months. The company that runs this game is currently in liquidation and the server could be shut down any day. Buyer beware. Invest your time with caution.
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Game is dead and company is in liquidation.

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Game is dead and company is in liquidation.
game is not dead, ur lazzy and dont move ur ass.. go play wow battleground.