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Lux Arcana Gaming Community

Recruitment status: Selective recruitment.

We're a gaming community that's been around for over 13 years - 6 of those spent in DND and previous Darkfalls. We're a clan that's proud of its members' honourable behaviour. We worked hard in Darkfall Online to gain a server-wide reputation as a clan whose word can be trusted.

We're here to enjoy the thrill of the game and seek new adventures in the world of Agon

We're accepting all levels of player: from those who are Darkfall vets to players who've only just discovered Darkfall New Dawn.  We'll expect all our members to be actively wanting to improve their personal PvP skills. And to work hard with their gaming time to achieve this.

Objectives and clan features
 Be the dominant force of the server.
 Provide a long-term home for the 'bloodthirsty pvper' as well as the 'dedicated casual' player.
 Members are mostly based in the Europe and some NA - all are welcome!
 Highly organised and determined
We have the best internal market on the server!

Key information
 Races: Dwarf, Human, Mirdain (we will not be going ARAC)
 We welcome new and veteran players alike
 Focus: PvP, PvE, Trading, Crafting
 Time Zone: European/NA (English speaking)
 Clan size: 20+ actives and many more in our community.
 Clan Main City: Aradoth
 Hours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!
 Ages/Outlook: 18+, mature, helpful, friendly and outgoing
 Web Site: Lux Arcana Gaming Community
 Voicecomms: Discord Required


We accept
New and experienced Darkfall and non-Darkfall gamers who are:
 mature/18+
 casual but dedicated players who like to play hard when they can
 used to grouping, contributing and getting involved in a clan

Highly Desirable
 Active and skilled PvPers
 Players with no PvP skill but willing to work hard to learn and improve
 Players that are creative or have strong organisational skills
 Players that show a passion for the game, for helping fellow members and getting things done

Not acceptable
 Players who avoid PvP
 Players that whine, complain and don't accept clan rules
 Players only out for themselves who worry about getting "their share" of battle loot

Send a PM on these forums to me with any questions.

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We are limiting our recruitment efforts until we're confident our current recruits are trained, unless you are invited for some special reason.  8)

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This was a good weekend for us! We had fights on every single one of those!