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Re: Blue Blocking Andruk
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It's just the Ork smell in the air that gets stuck in our fur. Need to cut it off if you accidentally touch one.
85% /s

Re: Blue Blocking Andruk
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Zzzzzz, this is still going on. The majority of garbage men hated the horde and wanted to punish them, i wanted to fuck over the horde personally because they're a loud bunch of noobs that can't back up their own Words, attempting to put Words in other people's mouth, killing my crafter in naergur, list goes on...

I would have been satisfied if this Whole "mine" problem ended with frost coast, but fleeing from a free fight at frost coast... How weak and pathetic can you be? How can you not expect us to go for andruk? We all wanted to fight you, andruk was the perfect option to fight you. We expected you to fight for it, obviously we trolled you through a bug, but still after that there was plenty of opportunities to fight for andruk, but you instead fleed back to kvitstein, build two Towers and continued to pointlessly wardec us.

You newer deserved to own andruk, maybe in a few months when the game is dead and everyone have given up hope, but for now Azm deserves to own a holding like andruk, they have brought more bang to the center map both before and after they bought Andruk, than you guys ever did.