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for doggo

Moved to separate topic - for people to see that dnd is not as dead as they portray it on forums. Will try to post videos more often - the more threads with videos, the better.
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There's people on cairn?
Mr. Wam Wam

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looks like battle of low skill retards,because dnd is broken

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dude this is not pvp,this is battle of a clowns

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rip df idiot tasos and dnd

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Then please come to the server and show us how its done.

At most it will cost you $10.

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Heads up:  huem is very much a blathering  troll.  Feeding it will not generate any useful results.

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dude this is not pvp,this is battle of a clowns
yep, I'm not very good at pvp, but I try to do my best and I have fun doing it. I post videos to show that DND is not dead. The more people show vids the more people will realize one can find action in the game. I realize in my videos there are not that many players, but they are different players than the ones you see at group fights in the middle posted by other players. It all adds up.

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Is good thank u for post videos all.