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"The making of Darkfall – One developer’s perspective"
Here is a little bit related to the server architecture. Coding has been discussed a little bit now and then so figured that it might be of interest.

That retard-thread by [insert racist name here] made me think of how long I've waited for a playable Darkfall. I started thinking that it was around 2005, but figured, nah that must be wrong. I can't have been waiting for a playable version for 13 years. Googled and found this quite interesting post on some of the backstory for DF: The making of Darkfall - One developer's perspective

Quite an interesting article in regards to the server architecture. What pissed me off is that it seems that a lot of the exposed server logic is made in java (which should make development a lot easier than C++) and updates still takes time, that's just me though. From my understanding, touching the C++ would quite possibly not even be required. "We did a redesign in 2001, but kept the same Java/C++ relationship, and the game when it shipped in February 2009 still had working framework code from the 2001 redesign.". That's what is being used, Java code from 2001.

In conclusion, I've played DF for about 6 months total and I've waited 13 years to play it. Now I at least know a little bit about the server architecture.
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Re: "The making of Darkfall – One developer’s perspective"
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"We learned that given enough time and effort even a small team can pull off something of this magnitude, if the right skill-sets are present."