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city structures salvaging
Allow to salvage materials from city structures. In other words implement a mechanic to turn city structures back into materials (a percentage of it of course).

- Allowed only in owned holdings obviously.
- It has to be a time consuming process but a structure is disabled immediately. After required time, dependent on material requirements for a structure (week/weeks?) a structure disappears and materials appear in cv.
- Clan bank being the only structure you can't salvage.
- When holding changes hands salvaging resets.

IMO would work great with combination of upkeep and localization. Also would give incentive to look for and take holdings temporarily even if you don't plan to use them in the long term while at the same time you would have to work for upkeep during those weeks you salvage it and at the end you would need to transport salvaged materials. Good sandbox content. Also not very demanding on development side.
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