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Re: Early This Week
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Yeah, not defending them. Just trying to understand how they're thinking to behave like this.

It's extremely difficult to communicate with a community- especially one that has a hostile portion of it. I've experienced this first-hand and that's why we have a Communications manager, it's why you can get a degree in Media Communications and get a extremely well paying job just being the middleman between a company and its player base.

Anybody with any experience doing that knows that the opposite actually happens when you're inexperienced and you're confronted with a really interactive community. ~ especially when you have less than good news ~ You become less inclined to communicate even if it's just to shoot a text or email. I can't explain it but anybody that's experienced that firsthand and grind thru it knows that's whats happening now. It's just human nature to pull back.

I was fortunate enough to be part of something that was able to hire somebody that knew had to do that, these guys have just got to ride it out

We had an early sign of this when the demo was shot a few months ago, we were told to join discord and most of us had to mute TrueDon who was non stop childgarbagespamming the channel; Ub3r should have banned the Kretyntm, but they are clearly too soft on this ....obviously this (among other reasons) necessarily leads to a forum being taken over mainly by Kretynstm.

Bottom line, they need a communication officer and do not have the time, resources, interest in it; as already stated months ago, this is one of their biggest mistakes because it amplifies any issue you might have and that might otherwise be somehow managed.

Every entrepreneur, CEO, knows that most companies are a castle of cards, the key is not to show it as such or the path goes even more uphill.

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Re: Early This Week
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Does Friday count as the end of the week now?

Re: Early This Week
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No friday is 3\4 of the Earlry Week in Ub3rs vision

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Re: Early This Week
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Patch Day!

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Re: Early This Week
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Re: Early This Week
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Guys, i got leaked patch notes.

-Changed village timers to 27hrs so they move faster through time zones.

-Corrected wof spell visual size to match effects.
-wof center of gravity now at top of sphere.

New player experience
-increased chaos chest mediation rewards and chance for more gold increased
85% /s