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Weekly Communication Monthly Q&A
Monthly Q&A with community, 1 hour work

Weekly posts to update us, 10-15 minutes effort per week.

1 hour means 1 hour, and 15 minutes means 15 minutes. Spend 2 hours a month on your community. No argumentative / debating / philosophical bull, just let people know what you're doing, what happened this week, what your planning for next week.

Re: Weekly Communication Monthly Q&A
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Even if it's 3 man times 30 mins it's worth investing this time. Even if there's nothing much to say, just say something. You know, like parents asking kids how the schoolday was, or a significant other asking how the day was. There's usually not so much info coming but it helps building connection and trust.

Re: Weekly Communication Monthly Q&A
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I have to agree here.  A weekly update would be great for moral.