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Npc's walking from capital cities to outlying cities to would be a boon to all
Npc's walking from capital cities to the secondary cities in the "new player area" and back again could serve a number of functions. First, it would give new players a sense of direction and some minor defense. The NPC's could defend themselves if attacked. Attack if they see a "Red" player and could run towards their destination if they see a grey player until the grey is out of sight (not attacking, but fleeing in case of accidental greyness). This could give new players on that same path some minor defense, a warning of enemies being near (NPC's casting basic spells or firing arrows would give new players a higher chance of escape in the low areas by being alerted, helping them build their situational awareness, or a chance to find the enemy target easier if the wished to help defend), and a way to hide within the group of npcs for safety in numbers and to help drive off bandits, so to speak.

Inversely, for advanced players and red players, the npcs could be fought and looted, perhaps for some rarer item, or valuable loot (They could be roleplayed as low level merchants, hunters, loggers and miners giving them small amounts of corresponding loot. Merchants carry small amounts of cloth with rare chances of enchanting loot, potions, and prepared food. Hunters could have Leather, meat, and fish with rare chance of enchanting loot and related reagents like nacre. Miners could have ore, ingots and gems with some reagents. Loggers could have timber, wood, resin, arrows, etc.) It would be similar to fighting Mercians, Ciel Fey, etc but perhaps easier as they would be basic citizens.
 The greater risk fighting close to where greater defense might be possible offsets the value of the lootable items, but make the resources something that could be farmed there by new players and old. Killing new players would still be possible, just with a slightly higher difficulty, but not ridiculously so. It might be fun to then go to racial enemy areas (or if red, anywhere) when most avoid it after a certain point. New players could even hunt the npcs as well, turning them to standard grey rules while doing so. I would add a very small chance for a very rare items so that it would actually give higher reason for people to do so, like a 1 in a 1000 chance at an astrolabe.

Eventually, if there is a warfront type situation built into the game, points could be awarded for killing enemy citizens. It would also flush out the world a little bit, having some movement on the roads and in the cities, as they could travel right to different npcs in the cities, like to the merchant and blacksmith, before turning around and heading back.
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Re: Npc's walking from capital cities to outlying cities to would be a boon to all
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I like it. I know this stuff isn't done because of server load but maybe as the server gets populated, the npcs naturally stop respawning since actual players will begin joining the herd
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