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Re: It gets better.
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This is the most retarded post I have ever seen.

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Re: It gets better.
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I did find this funny, and great work on making the vid.

Horde get a lot of stick (some from me over my Darkfall Career) some of it is just, but a lot isn't! We need like 20+ clans like Horde, who take anyone and everyone to just play the game. Pallist Horror, try and be a little nicer :)

Not everyone can play 2+ hours every day, so these casual players need clans like Horde to band together, to make their online experience in Darkfall worth playing again, the next time they have some free time to play games.

Long live The Horde, and clans like them!

I think you misunderstand or I do, because I see this more directed at their NAers who have no leadership in their time zone, EU time Horde is a far better clan than in NA. They should stop recruiting NAs until they have an NA leader if at all.

Yeah, you did misunderstand, seeing he aimed a post at DJ!
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Re: It gets better.
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Re: It gets better.
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It's a tie. Keep going.

Re: It gets better.
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Re: It gets better.
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Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)

Re: It gets better.
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It Gets Better!