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Re: WoF slow instead of pull
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Completely removing it is kinda silly also. I'd rather see it have a higher strategic value. A potential "game changer" if you may, with a high risk attached to using it vs. the potential gains.

I.E. Ridiculously increase WoF's mana cost to be 40% of current mana, or at minimum 40% of the caster's mana pool.
Increase castspeed of WoF by 2secs or so.
- Engaging a fight with WoF first is extremely costly mana economically, and throwing it mid-fight is also risky because of the time invested in casting it. Potential gain though is the CC of enemies - but at what cost? This shouldn't be a spell you can throw blindly without consequences.

Also, I believe in making even more forms of CC and tools to counter them. How fuckin boring would this game be with just mage bolts and archery/melee? Even CSGO has more variation then. Add more sand to the box, don't remove it. If WOF is OP (which it is), then balance it through more creative ways.

Re: WoF slow instead of pull
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What about just cutting the duration of WoF to about 2/3 if it's current duration?  That seems to me one of the biggest problems with it, and a damned easy fix.

Re: WoF slow instead of pull
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Push instead of pull.