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Casual Player Looking for highly active guild
I just came back to the game. I'm looking for a active guild that is human/elf/dwarf. I'm probably not going to play with the guild more then 7 hours a week. I'm looking for a guild with a city. As I want to farm trees/bushes/iron semi afk outside the city. I'm currently learning game development. And I think farming semi afk would work really well for me. Btw i'm probably going to farm a lot as i'm learning game dev nearly full time in my spare time.

Re: Casual Player Looking for highly active guild
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Welcome back. Hope you find a clan that suits your needs.

And I hope I find you gathering. I could use some materials ;)
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Re: Casual Player Looking for highly active guild
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Welcome back!!

I'm aware of four reasonably active Human alliance clans.  I'll give my personal opinions.

Sedition - aggressive pvpers, very well-geared, motivated leadership.  They have active NA, not sure about EU. 

Mirendil - mostly based in Elf lands, good number of holdings and fairly active, mostly EU.

Wardens - (our clan, allied with Mirendil) mostly NA with a few EU's, casual and focused on fun, but still have duel nights and contest VCP's near our home in northern Elflands (Darkmoore).

Dragon Empire - new clan based in Humanlands, don't know much about them due to them having formed only recently

Am I missing any?  TD's recruitment thread says their recruitment is closed.