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Map/client Bug
Is there suddenly a bug with the map? since the server restart I have noticed a screen like freeze when I open or close the main map.

Re: Map/client Bug
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I strongly advise to disable all world spawns and whatever is irrelevant (i only leave Control Points and Cities on world legend) and leave only nearby spawns and so on. TAB disables/enables text under icons. Disable that too.

Basically the more crap you have on your map + text, its gonna give you described effect.

In case you dont know where to do it, you have 2 tabs on your map in bottom left corner.

Re: Map/client Bug
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Map is bugged since release.

There is also a heavy memory/performance leak if you search too much while waiting for spawn to respawn at the same location. Whole game literally freezes for few seconds each x seconds. Until you relog.

Re: Map/client Bug
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Web browser page running inside a java module = explosion.

They should just move all that information client-side, I mean there's a reason why sandboxie breaks every few weeks and that's a stand-alone third-party program

Re: Map/client Bug
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quick fix for massive fps increase for anyone-

open main map. press any key to start searching for something so most things vanish. close main map. done.

mini map shares same data as big map so whatever is going on there is constantly on your interface if your minimap is open. Just by doing that little trick you can still have most info on your map and almost zero lag from it whenever you want. Stupid fix but it kinda works.
~Nao Southpaw