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Will you ever fix ALTFALL
@Ub3rgames you know its a problem and also how to fix it

game gets boring fast when players with no alts have to waste a lot more time grinding for everything than the people with more alts in clan than real players(unless ur a mage lol free gear btw)
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Re: Will you ever fix ALTFALL
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Go regen on mobs with @Mycke formula
Revert city nodes
All marketplaces switched to be global with tariffs based on distances

These are three quick fixes that can be a step in the right direction even though I know for a fact Uber would never link their marketplaces which will give some nolifer controlling all races to constantly corner the markets
Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)