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Re: I have so many Questions
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i need things and i'd trade things for it to come to me, i'm sure it's very viable but you probably need to put some nice effort into it, travel a lot and make connections, learn and find out what people need etc, not just market moving (cus hard with no buy orders) gl

I mean I have no idea whats on the market because I need to go check it and I don't. if I could just look at it from anywhere maybe i'd go there.

I thought about it, the truth is @Mycke says it's viable, but he's an Alfar... so I doubt he ever travels farther than the closest Chaos City. I think I'll either join a clan and do boring pvp and uninstall later, or jsut skip it all and uninstall now :D

@Barracuda you see with the current pop I'd need to set up meetings way in advance over forum messages and then I have to travel all the way back or plan ahead to get to the next guy and eventually get back home (probably in a coffin at that).
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