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Re: Forcehither FIX
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That sieze weapon skill bothers me can i get it nerfed aswell. this is the crybaby forum right?
With your post you are slowly turning it into crybaby thread, yes. Before it were mostly arguments for and against.
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Re: Forcehither FIX
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Increase wof damage to 400, that way I don't have to worry about getting wof'd 7 times.

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Re: Forcehither FIX
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In case you guys think this whole wof/hither meta was some new "broken" thing. Pay attention to how they combat it and how not much has changed in that respect
Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)

Re: Forcehither FIX
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Maybe remove the floaty ability from WoF?