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Revert changes to mount hitboxes
Please revert changes to mount hitboxes. It just feels so buggy when you "stuck" over another mount and you can't dissmount or you stuck while fighting against mount, or you just ride against the wall/tree and have hard time trying to turn.  Just copy UW solution to prevent people going below ground.
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Re: Revert changes to mount hitboxes
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yes pls dont fix your shit
just fuck up mount combat instead

You should recomend the game to new players. It's never been in a better state

Re: Revert changes to mount hitboxes
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Can we at least know why you didn't go the UW solution with this one? (When mounts turn, they slowly move forward, that excludes exploiting)

Did you have some future plans about it for future mounted combat that will never get implement because the game will flop sooner?
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