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Water fight guide (google translated)
Sorry, its just google translate from my russian guide on water fight:

Article on rus:

The battle in the water element has many subtleties. Even if you learned to fight well in DarkFall on the ground, getting into the water situation can change. You can merge without a chance to an experienced and trained opponent. In the game DarkFall, I consider myself a sea-seal, this is my native element. Although in real life is unlikely to float more than a couple of kilometers. Always, if possible, try to move to the water and meet the enemies there.

The most important difference between the fight in the water and the battle on the ground is the addition of one more coordinate. The structure of the battle is changing completely, especially when it comes to water group battles. For example, you can sneak up to the enemy from below, or from above and attack from the rear. In the case of a conditional 2D on a solid earth, this is not physically possible. Adding a new coordinate axis makes the battle much more interesting. If someone swims to you from the rear - not a fact that you immediately notice it. I remind: in DarkFall players' nicknames are not shown. To understand your own, or someone else's - you need to aim at the nickname of the player. Therefore, communications with allies are extremely important. They saw someone else's carcass behind the back of the detachment - pay attention to the detachment. In practice, gently acting from the rear you can click on to 5-7 frags per fight. Retreating when the enemy is sinking, the enemy will be covered by a shield from anyone, but not from you.

The battle in the water is much more fleeting - in fact to cure the ally, the ally will have to rise up. Also, holding the breath is not infinite, even under the buff. Often, there is a choice - either to emerge and expose yourself to danger, or losing health to sail away. Water fight does not forgive mistakes and it will show how your team is good at fighting together. Only sea battle will show how well your team works. On land, a person with an excellent ping can make you, by imposing a close fight on you and sitting down on your back. The sea makes everyone equal.

If we talk about personal skills - there are many subtleties that I'll try to paint. But it is important to remember - if you do not have the reflexes you have gained - theoretical knowledge will be useless. Movements in the water must be worked out and carried out by your unconscious part, on the automatic. Just like driving a car. Consciousness has something to do - you need to release it for more important things and making decisions.

Floating, it is important to change not only your horizontal position, but also the vertical one. To teach your unconscious to this rhythm and dance with changing axes of coordinates. In the water, strafe, jump and squat are used. It is also necessary to move forward and backward, changing the direction of your view. After all, if you look down and press "back" - you will pop up. All these movements, rhythm, clear timing allow you to dance your deadly dance and practically, hypnotize the enemy. It is important to understand that the more the enemy misses - the less likely is the next hit of his arrows. Panicking, the opponent may disconnect awareness of actions. For example, he can similarly continue shooting arrows, with one rhythm that you already know. If you fall for someone else's rhythm - try to realize this. Hold the arrow a little before releasing it. Thus, you can reset your cycle counter and intercept the initiative.

Watch the enemy's string platoon. Catch his rhythm and create your own.

In water, you can effectively jump using DF physics. In the course are spells Begone, Explosion, Wall of Force. I wrote a small guide on this topic:

Correctly using these spells you can quickly escape from the enemy or catch up with him. It is especially important to be able to use spells in a group. Warn the Allies ahead of time that now you will throw WoF and jump through it together. You can also use Come hither to pull up each other.

Spells can bypass the enemy not only in the water, swimming over it and under it. But also use the air element for tactical detour.

The most important thing is what will be focused on in the group battle:
1. Try to go to the enemy's back
2. Focus, not single targets! The math is simple. If you three and each one blows to your opponent 30% of HP each enemy will have 70% of HP each. In the case of the focus of one - the opponent will have 10% hp. Try to focus on those who are the lowest. In the first place, it takes longer to get to the edge. Secondly,
3. Provide support and protection to allied forces.
4. Watch for the stamina. It is taken away very quickly. Use food and bottles. Periodically pop up to use Mana to Stamina.

A good fight with the use of water and an explanation of what, and for what a person does:

Nice fight and teamwork in water and on surface:
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Dolly Monk

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We should bang in the water. You've never seen a fish like this.

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@xsevenbeta good guide!

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Step 1 dont be a mage
Step 2 press crouch and spacebar while strafing left or right
Step 3 leftclick

Oh btw u cant cast underwater but you can use begone to move on the surface

Youre welcome for tldr

You should recomend the game to new players. It's never been in a better state

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How to water fight as a mage.

1. begone to land
2. stay on land

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As a hybrid in robes, I can water fight. Food for thought. Maybe it's because I have gills, I am not sure..