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Multiple different enchanting bugs
Item locked when placed in the window, cannot be removed, deleted, persists regardless of banking or closing window. This bug screwed 2 power hours for me forcing me to relog during PH.

Enchant interface + item become bugged and upon success appears as if it failed without the enchant showing (this is a visual bug, it is very confusing when it happens and makes people think they failed enchants that were infact successful).

Large portion of items become visually bugged and do not display any of information and some are returned bugged after the enchant success (another visual bug).

I felt very frustrated today when for the second time my PH was stopped because the item lock bug forcing relog and wasting +/- 5 min of the PH

Re: Multiple different enchanting bugs
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One of things that causes lockups is - you can't enchant transmutes (need to first apply enchants and then transmute).
But there's quite a few enchanting bugs :(

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