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Unholly sithra
Deal old type of damage.
Damage mana and stamina, no health damage,
Said Unholly damage not Unholly Magic Damage

Re: Unholly sithra
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are sithras affected by 1h title

Re: Unholly sithra
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no, devs said it must not be affected by any titles, but im sure that Warrior have effect on it, aswell as Leather traits have effect aswell.

Just a small test i did yday.
I deal 8 dmg in the city to the player with 14 resistance
He deal 16dmg to me with 12 resistance, but he was in +6-7 leather traits, had a warrior.
I have only 1h axe title and 3 magic schools. Both have 1 skill lvl in sithra, and my STR is 90, his is 100.

So...i do not know what have real effect and what is not)

Re: Unholly sithra
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I am willing to bet leather increases the damage for sure. AFAIK, sithras are just transmutes. If it works on trasnmutes it should work on sithras.

Re: Unholly sithra
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leather work for sithras. Same as Warrior title, but ANY MAGIC title give -2% MELEE POTENCY, so it reduce sithra's aswell....
And, btw, Transmutes work other way. Sithra deal 100% elemental damage, when xmutes dealing Physical (main damage) + 50% from this base psyhical damage. So, leather and titles, increase ONLY Physical damage for transmutes, but this increase have effect on elemental bonus, but leather have no direct effect on elemental damage bonus.
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