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Rats Infestation at Darkmoore
Surgeon General Warning
The following video contains disturbing Darkfall content, including my back paddling, exposing back, zerging, scrub gear, terrible aim, battle rezzing, and tower hugging.  Viewer discretion advised.

Logged to inquire about patch and ended up with action.

Friends and Foes stop by Darkmoore more often  8)

Re: Rats Infestation at Darkmoore
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gf, shame I derped out and got myself killed at the start.
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Re: Rats Infestation at Darkmoore
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IGN: "Eilis Traee"
However, you have to take into account why we are introducing local banking.
In New Dawn, its main purpose is to be a convenience feature.
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Re: Rats Infestation at Darkmoore
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Was fun, appreciate the rats knocking on our door.  We get very little chance to practice city defense.  Thankfully towers don't have much of a counter right now, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to put up any resistance  ;)