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Re: New player, been having fun and see the potential.
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One day when my toon is PvP ready, I plan on joining a clan and participating in the PvP warfare

or u could join a clan and let them give you r40-r50 stuff so you get "pvp ready" faster

I concur. get in a clan sooner rather than later, the amount of advice, guidance and gear that you'd get is invaluable. Also the pvp training. You will realize that actual player skill is much more important than the development of your character, so you might want to get help on that asap.

He will not feel the progression/struggle and will prematurely be at mid game way too fast.  He will get bored and quit.  There are many in game who are against free loading new players for this very reason. Find a balance between making things too trivial vs selectively helping.

Yep thats exactly why I prefer to trade mats for gear than just do hand outs, though i could easily supply the noobs i see, its much more fun and in tune with the game for them to earn their way and I take all of the hassle out of it by just taking what they have and getting them what they need, without all the sometimes frustrating steps in between. or the loss of a sense of accomplishment

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Re: New player, been having fun and see the potential.
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Great to hear and besides all the trolls Darkfall New Dawn is one of the best massive multiplayer worlds on the market. Hopefully U3ber has some news for us today because i think bindstone quests are a genius idea.
Darkfall is the best experience on PC with my pants not unzipped.