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Frontloaded harvesting.
Frontloaded harvesting: (Casual, newbie and economy friendly improvement)

- First 100/200 resources gathered are dropped 4/2 times as fast.
- CD 20 hours, some kind of passive solution, have a debuff named Exhausted/Fatigue when you reached the 200 for that day.
- Resource types shared, total matters from timber, ore, herbs and fish.
- Does not affect player resource nodes.

Let's say you would get 100 timber from 3 trees, you would get these 4 times as fast (with harvesting animation speed 4X), then next 100 after the first 100 only at 2X speed, after 200 total resources same speed as now.

This works best with launch pop, and it would help filling the markets with raw resources and later on possibly with crafted

- Casual friendly, less time spent on some boring/afk daily, yet usefull activity
- More resources in the economy from casuals, newbies, basically everyone.
- Miniscule positive effects on altfallers
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