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Izkand giveaway
Hello everyone.

We're giving away Izkand.

City of Izkand is located in central-eastern Cairn. You'll have TFK (Alfars) and Jungle Kingdom (Human/Elf/Dorf) as neigbours.
City has 3 nodes: Farm, Grove, and Quarry. It's partially built (Keep lvl 1, some walls, general store, all crafting stations except Enchanting Wheel, and all 3 nodes).

In close proximity of the city are:
* several VCPs
* Theyril Golem
* Erodach
* Dark Dragon
And, obviously, lots of Cairn Giants, Eodrins, and various Minotars.

If you're interested, send me a PM or post here.

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Re: Izkand giveaway
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If you want action, avoid Cairn, unless villages are EU Primetime. Good farming for some newer clans, to have a base to build Chars and bank.

Re: Izkand giveaway
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didn't you just take this?

Re: Izkand giveaway
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We took it a month ago, had some okay fights, farmed a bit on Cairn, and we no longer need or want it.

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Re: Izkand giveaway
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City of Izkand has been dropped and is free for claiming.

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