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Villages and mob spawns
VCP's (village control points)

 -I feel they come up too often and have rewards that aren't that good for the time it takes to go capture them and meditation is simply too easy to gain ( I am constantly at 200k med points from chaos chests, champions, maps and villages.) I only go to them for the gold since I am still leveling my mage.
 - A nice change I think would be to make them become live far less often with significantly increased rewards.
 - I was thinking we could make 6-8 of the vcp's come live every 3-4 days with significantly increased rewards since they come up 3-4x less often.
 - Then make the 2 come up once a week with seriously increased rewards.
 - This will make them have a much bigger impact and increase the amount of people that show up to them.
 - People don't want to travel for 1-2 hours for a village just to get a bit of gold with a chance of 1-3 rare mats... but if there is a village that gives crazy rewards that is only up once a week or every 3-4 days then people will definitely travel the 1-2 hours and this will increase the pvp rate, which directly relates to fun, game life, longevity and overall health of the game.
 - the current vcp system simply doesn't work with the population of the game, would be a great system if there was one to two thousand active players but we simply don't have that pop till you start advertising this game or put it on steam or something.
 - Have a think about making the 2 of the center map vcp's once a week and the some of the others 3-4 days.
 -as you have it done currently where its not exactly 24 hours should be the way these are setup instead of being 3 days (72 hours) exactly make it something like 3 days and 1-3 hours (73-75 hours)


Mob spawns -
 -I think you should have a "enraged" version of mobs.
 -The enrage happens 2-3 times a day on a random mob spawn that is definitely not trolls or hivekins (make it have to be yellow
 -hardness mob or higher please).
 -It gives an hour warning before they enrage and it marks the mob spawn on the map with a red circle
 -The enraged mobs have a increased drop rate and skill gain.
 -This as with the village changes should help make pvp hot spots that increases the active population of the game.


Boss mobs -
 - I think the Demon and dragons/kraken at least should have better rewards but be made a bit harder to make them require a few more people, a bit more tactics and increase the amount they get killed.
 -They should have an announcement when they get slain so people get time stamps of the death and roughly know when it respawns
 -At the moment I'm being told by everyone they are not really worth doing, they don't spawn quick enough to constantly farm like normal mobs but they aren't worthwhile loot wise to bother with killing them every now and again (this may not apply to the Demon)
 -They should have a 1-3 day respawn timer to make them a bit more of a predicable spawn that people can go and get fights/farm easier. being on a much longer respawn they should have significantly increased rewards which would make them far more like boss mobs instead of just hard mobs with a long respawn.
 -again this will help make pvp hot spots that people can go and look for a fight which again relates to the life of the game and amount of fun and population, etc.

I really feel that making pvp hotspots that are happening atleast once a day will increase the amount people are wanting to play because they are guaranteed fights at these area's instead of looking for people they know where they are likely to find people that want to fight because of the rewards.

change some villages to 3-4 day timers and 1 or 2 to a week timer, all with significantly increased rewards to create major pvp hot spots.

Add enrage modifier to 1-3 random mob spawns per day which give increase loot/skill gains to make a pvp hot spot. marks on map and gives 1 hour notice before enraging

Boss mobs spawn too much, there's no way to tell when people are going to go do them, longer respawn 1-3 days and announcement when they die or spawn.
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