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Several Suggestions
a few ideas

Indicator on game lobby to show if character is still logged in

Quest system for clans to create and manage quests -
if we had the tools to make and manage quests we could direct players to farm important resources and materials or even reward them for fighting enemies, while distributing rewards without the burden of a clan bank. Other then being a fun feature, this will allow officers more freedom of movement and less pressure to deal with the day to day clan bank trades for Lieutenants.

Turn clan general stores into a clan store -
When managing a clan bank there's several different systems that can co-exist, a market for members to trade is made in the main vault, a store that sells clan issue equipment and supplies, a crafting orders bag that helps clan members turn resources directly into what they need. These systems work independently of one another because each addresses a different problem, while a market can replace a clan store, there is a distinction to be made, clan stores are not for profit and should not share the same rule sets as markets. Clan issue equipment needs to be available at all times and have specific controls to ensure that it serves it's function.

Fixing the day, night cycles and inconsistencies -
This one eludes most people, but I think this is an important part of strategy in this game. For most the cycle of night and day are just an after thought, and the nuisance of visibility solved by cranking the gamma slider. I think a good start would be to make the weather and time in the game consistant for all players (it is often different for each person, I believe this is a bug), one of the things that really kept me engaged with DFO was the idea that you could plan out your hunts and use timing and weather to your advantage... Something that very few games, let alone mmo's, have. If you know for sure that it is night for the enemy, then you can time your attacks to maximum advantage - if the night and day cycles are not accurate and it is night for you but day to your enemy then you cannot plan for this.