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Necro, witchcraft, and spellchanting.
Necro feels extremely weak. No secondary on spells, the 10% life leech doesn't cut it. Maybe add a small blind to each spell or something. Currently it is not good as a solo school and only really taken for vamp touch and eyerot.

Witchcraft and spellchanting heals:

Why are they penalized on the caster? Are you worried that someone will use a title spell with A a long cooldown or B on r90 cooldown in order to heal themselves for 40 health? Is that too much utility? Should we look at come hither, explosion, wof, etc...?

I don't understand why you nerfed self heal, it doesn't make any sense when you consider that these schools are far from competitive.

Is school balance a simple priority? I just don't see much input from you guys. 

Re: Necro, witchcraft, and spellchanting.
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Also while we are at it, can we get rid of the floating effect that lingers from the air r50?

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Re: Necro, witchcraft, and spellchanting.
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also, could we just get optional title system like originally planned. kthx

"Our title system is an expansion of the titles in the same spirit than the destroyer title. These will NOT be classes and will be completely optional."