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Magic Schools
Maybe this is a bit too early as dust still hasn't settled + Raw still doesn't do what it should...

But my question to the community is, how would you rate schools now? Either Tier 1 (great) to Tier 3 (subpar), or on a scale of 1 to 5, or anything...

PS would be nice if you provided a bit of reasoning behind your choices

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Re: Magic Schools
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Fire 2/5
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Infliction 4/5
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Arcane 4/5
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Air 5/5
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I didn't comment on other schools because I don't play them, I am Fire / Arcane / Infliction. Air magic is a good school to base balance discussion off because of it's universal power, in a way it is like 3 schools in one (stat dmg (+penetration) + CC + mobility).
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Re: Magic Schools
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I like your idea, it is always nice to see how different people's opinion are.
So here is mine:

-fire: tier1 --> good dmg spell, 2 r90, best knockup that help you harrass the enemy, 2nd best dmging aoe (vulcano), escape spell (explosion) and 2 of the best buffs in the game (hastes--> their effect should be more influenced by title imho)

-air: tier1 --> good dmg with good stamina drain, nice r90, good signature spells. Only spell lacking something might be the bolt....but it is well compensated by all the other things that the school can offer. On par with fire for "best school" title

-necro: tier1 (pre-patch evaluation since i don't have the title so i can't comment on how it is now) --> good dmg, very good signature spells, nice blinding aoe. Only thing missing is a r50, but it can be compensated by using a r50 from another school. On paper the leech changes seems nice to me, but haven't had the possibility to test them

-earth: tier2 (pre-patch evaluation) --> solid dmg coupled with very fast projectile speed make it a very nice dmging school. Pungent mist is a decent CC spell, not the best one out there, but it is nice to help you keep the distance when it is high enough. 2 r90, so good for group fights and for those that have worst aim :D. Have some of the best self/group buff of the game (they should be more infliuenced by the title, though, imho). With the recent changes it might have gone to a tier 1-2 evaluation (still bit worst than air/fire, but pretty close)

-arcane: tier 2: the school lacks both a r50 and a ray, so it is pretty lackluster in that department. Bolt and r90 have good dmg and good travel speed, though so it compensates a bit. WoF is good (at very high levels) BUT is still not as strong as it was in df1 even at 100...imho it should be buffed a bit. Spell reflect is pretty "meh": it last too little to make it really useable in should last few more seconds

-infliction: tier2 --> good overall dmging school with good stamina drain. Best aoe of the game. As it stands now i can already do more dmg with 20 intensify in it compared to 75 intensify in water school. DoT dmg is less efficent than direct damage, but in the end the overall dmg seems pretty good to me. Undeath is really nice when leveled up and last a decent time. Exaust is still not worth to cast since it lasts way too the end you could have drained that much stamina by just attacking him in the same time (but also dealing dmg). It need to be buffed up to last just as much as undeath.

-water: tier 2/3 --> good stamina dmg on its spell  (the reason why it is not a tier3 school), decent speed on most of them too. The r90, while faster to cast than the other ones, has both a slow traveling speed and a very short range making it probably the worst of the r90 overall, unless at close combat range when those 2 drawbacks are less influent. Ice storm is supposed to be an area blind but, at least imho, it doesn't fill that role very well....i found the necro death fog to be more an annoyance than ice storm (i don't have it at very high levels but even seeing the one casted by mobs, it doesn't seem to be that much better). The slows still need a little bump in magnitude; the duration is good now, but the magnitude still feels a bit lackluster considering they should be the most important spells of the school

-WC: tier3 --> the idea of a bolt school slowly debuffing the enemy sounds cool but, in the end, it is too little effective to justify the increased difficulty at hitting enemies with bolt only. The dmg component is sub-par compared to other schools, projectile speed is not great either and the overall impact of having debuffed stats on your opponent doesn't make up for that, imho. Might be an effective school IF you are really good at aiming....but it is just like playing hard mode

-SC: tier3 --> the secondary effects gained from the title when warding others are not cutting it. They do too little to justify using them over much better buffs such as hastes and ironskin. They are a "nice to have" buff on you if/when you have the time to prepare and cast it pre-fight (the duration is pretty good. Mine last nearly 1 minute with a q3 duration staff) but nothing more than that. Healing blast is nice just because it is an instant heal compared to ticked standard heals but the AoE is a double-edged sword: it makes it easier to land it, but it also make it easier to heal the opponent too in most cases is still best to use the basic heals. Healing chant: it now cost way too much mana to justify using it unless you are healing 4+people. The AoE has the same bonus/malus of healing chant. Basically a spell that is useful only to reduce downitme in PvE or to be used during sieges. So, unless you are doing a lot of sieges/group PvE, it is hard to justify getting a title in SC, imho

-raw magic: tier3 --> Dmg on eldritch spehere is decent, blast is totally crap (low dmg, low speed, little knockup) and actually deals less dmg than eldritch. Missile fury could become a good spell, who the current version it could be a good spell (decent dmg/good knockup) IF it had a bigger AoE: it would be akin to a secondary r90 spell since it is on a separate cooldown. Burden is good but not enough to justify titleing in the school probably, since it will basically be the ONLY spell you'll use from this school.
Either they need to bump the dmg or to definitely bump the travel speed of all spells. It misses a ray, a r90 and the field AoE. On top of that it also do no secondary stat dmg for no appartent reason. Definitely the WORST school in the game.
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Re: Magic Schools
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You should also reserve tier 0 (mandatory) for air.


Tier 0 -

Air. Stam drain, best nuke (40% drain+knockup+speed is enough to put dmg on it), lightning strike, very strong come hither and ok-ish stormblast. Always nice to have extra movement spell, even if it's not that strong.

Tier 1

Arcane. 40% stat drain, even if it's mana, is always good. SPell reflect is one of my favourite spells in game, a fight (1v1) changer. WoF also just got good. Wouldn't use an arcane-pure build tho...
Infliction - The most underrated school out there imo. Very useful in good hands tho. Also toxic spam... grr. 40% stam drain on rend (casting time same as bolt) and needless.

Tier 2

Earth. Projectile speed is nice, but the dmg is only higher by 2-3 than other schools. I prefer dealing 6 more stam dmg than 3 more hp and I guess most ppl think the same. Meteor is good for sieges, but huge aoe and long casting time makes it useless in close combat. Haven't tested leveled EQ, lvl1's aoe is too small to be useful.

Fire. - Knockups, fast bolt, nice blind on ray. Explosion is always good. Magma's knockup might be nice for group fights, but casting time is just so long... Would be t1 if not the 20% only stat drain.

Water- Would be t1 if the blizzard had at least exploding's travel time. The signatures are mostly useful in 1v1s. Unless your target is another mage of course, lol. 40% stam drain is nice.

Tier 3

Raw. Pretty useless. No stat drain, slow projectiles. Burden isn't enough for a school to be good.
Witchcraft. Debuffs are good as a starter, but then it gets meh. Dmg too low, WB hardly useful.
Spellchanting. Might be t2, because i have no idea how large is aoe of healing chant. It's very situational tho... Also - I can heal as good without it anyway...

Can't say anything about necro yet. The leech seems to small to reward loss of stam drain, eye rot got nerfed a bit, but that's actually good. It's a blind it shouldn't do full dmg. Vampiric still one of the best signatures in game.

Re: Magic Schools
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Primary Schools:

Air 5/5 - damages your eardrum... RL dmg op
Earth 3/5 - lots of cool spells and high dmg
Fire 4/5 - explosion and best knockup and fuck that ray, cant see shit
Infliction 4/5 - sounds badass
Water 3/5 -blue, fluffy and snowflakes!

Secondary Schools:

Arcane 5/5 - get bubbled. love reflect!
Necromancy 3/5 - eye rot and vampiric op, fuck the rest
Raw Magic 1/5 - yea...
Spellchanting 2/5 - you wanna be a healer? ha! wrong game buddy
Witchcraft 1/5 - op
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Re: Magic Schools
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Air 5/5:
-Fast traveling R90 with a small CC combined with excellent damage aswell as 40% stam damage
-R50 floating effect
-Tornado ie. mages whirlwind
-Stormblast bhop sorta good now
-Comehither a complete game changer and usually wins fights

Fire 3.5/5
-Strong field AoE however very slow cast
-Fireball is a decent R50 with CC
-Inferno nerfed with removal of CC and nothing to compensate it. On par with blizzard in travel speed and distance. Similar damage to other R90's
-Explosion good for water bhoppin
-Magma haven't got it lvled but it has some very nice CC against light players. Damage/CC is lackluster against anything other than mages.

Infliction 3.5-4/5: Best field aoe in the game. Decent spells overall

Earth 3.5/5: haven't got it so cant really comment on it other than besides lacking CC it's a decent school with some of the fastest projectile speeds in the game

Necro 3/5:
-Eye rot easy to hit blind that lasts a while, high mana cost tho
-Decent ray (damage wise)
-Fast and long range nuke
-Situational field aoe (obscures and that's about it)
-Lacks R50
-No secondary damage, hard to justify a meager 10% life steal to compensate when TTK is pretty low in the game

Water 2.5/5: Poor man's air school

Arcane 2.5/5: Incomplete school for solo school use, has decent utility

WC 2/5: Hard to play as a solo school. Debuffs are good to open up with but besides that it's pretty shit :(

Spellchanting 1.5/5: One of three schools I have title in. Utter shit outside of PvE
-Secondary healing effects on buffs are miniscule. Teammates thought it was their passive regen
-Healing blast decent burst heal however long cast time, costs quite a lot and puts your R90's on CD so it's hard to follow up on damage
-Healing chant a bit bigger radius then before still makes you a perfect target for field aoe's. Huge mana cost that is hardly justified. Probably only ever gonna used in large siege battles. Even then I think it's hard to justify the mana cost. Much more efficient to instead heal people who are returning after pushing the enemy.
-Heals are still decent without a title

Raw magic 1/5: Lackluster overall. Infliction does a way better job.
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Re: Magic Schools
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Fire 5/5 = honestly this is where all schools should be.
Earth 5/5 = This school shines in group fights.
Air 6/5 = because balance is hard, floating effect wtf? Come hither? Too much utility.
water 4/5 = sig spells still shit. Ice storm requires too much magnitude to be awesome. Blizzard and icicle keep them in the game.
Necro 1/5 = only vamp touch is useful.
Arcane 4/5 = Powerful signature spells, no r50 means this is a tough solo school.
witchcraft  3/5 = it requires low ping and good aim to be a top tier bolt schools. Bolts in general are an undesired playstyle.
raw 2/5 = has a tremendously powerful debuff. The bolt is okay, but over all one of the weakest magics.
infliction 4/5 = toxic rain. The rest are meh. Just use toxic rain on cooldown.
spell chanting 4/5 = only gets a score of 4 due to it's  tremendous utility in group fights. Otherwise the school is lackluster.