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vet looking for guild
Looking for a DND guild whos prominent play times are EST late nights.  Usually game from 9pm est to 1am est.  I'm a pvper by heart, but still like to do pve/craft.

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Re: vet looking for guild
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You are welcome to join my guild if you are interested. It is an alfar only racial guild.

I am in the same time zone as you.
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Re: vet looking for guild
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BEEFCAKES is a small Heroes clan, we are EST timezone, and we are Ork and Wolf currently but open to anyone race who seek justice and heroism, we do not take pvp too seriously, we like to have fun and mess with the bigger guilds.
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Re: vet looking for guild
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ShadoWuulf Brotherhood is always looking for more Orks/Wolfs. We have a hamlet were now working on and are getting a steady group rolling.

Re: vet looking for guild
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Did you ever find a clan?
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Re: vet looking for guild
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CODE has a large amount of Df1 vets playing around those times as well for NA. If you are interested send me a PM.