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Topic: "get sewed" Recruiting 2-3 for Small Scale Red PVP Clan (EU/NA timezone) (Read 202 times) previous topic - next topic

"get sewed" Recruiting 2-3 for Small Scale Red PVP Clan (EU/NA timezone)
Hello everyone. First Last here. get sewed is a troll name, but we are actually trying to get serious with group fights, small scale pvp, and village PVP. We have 0 desires of having more than 4-5 players, so at the moment we are recruiting a max of 3 players. Currently have 2 players, both experienced PVPers and we have played together in PVP/survival games for 5 years. We really would like a left click spammer (melee heavy), also a possible support.

get sewed is the clan for you if...

1. You are looking for a small scale clan, a clan that is living out the "red" playstyle where we won't necessarily have a "home". But will travel for PVP and group fights.
2. You know how to communicate, are serious about improving, and don't want to live your life crying about zergs and how they are unfair. Also no massive egos please.
3. You are fine with group duels, group fights, outnumbered pvp, and etc.

We won't necessarily only accept vets, if we find new players willing to really learn and dedicate themselves. We are REALLY looking for a strong melee pusher/heavy.

Send me a tell on the forums or message me in discord nerdSlayer#4395