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Re: Open Topic: Improving the Walk of Shame Experience
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I do believe your idea with this holds merit, I've never not seen what you are attempting to do here. My concern is that in the current state the system is far more detrimental to the game than it adds anything positive. I would even say, loosen up the spawn options more significantly now, until all these mentioned systems and content have been implemented, at which point you could tighten respawn options again since the new systems/content would be able to replace the need for it.

But since we do not have any of the systems or content, and likely will not have most of it for many months to come, you will not be able to fix critical problems such as a lack of participation at remote villages, a lack of people travelling the world for trade or PvE, and generally people just feeling confined to their area of the map. The game feels like it is punishing you very severely for trying to play it.

One more alternative out of the box: Add racial "medical outposts" at select locations around the map, the closest of these being always an option for blue players in addition to the existing locations. These new medical outposts would be quite well positioned and would fill a missing role, essentially a 'chaos city for blues' (this means they would have a guard tower). It's not like the world is short on the space for such locations, and maybe they could even grow into repeatable quest hubs down the line, another thing this game needs.

So for example if I get ".5'd" in eastern human lands as a blue ork, I wouldn't have to spawn all the way back in eastern ork lands where no one lives, but instead respawn at an ork-aligned "medical outpost" located somewhere outside human lands. Some of these outposts could be military outposts to tie in with warfronts as well, to function as a staging ground.
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Re: Open Topic: Improving the Walk of Shame Experience
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I just wanna know the mechanics of how the spawning works. Sometimes I can spawn 2 feet in front of me, other times I can spawn halfway across the world.

And yes, after the 2km breakage