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Topic: For sale: Calfardar - Cbay - Ichtan - Izkand - Tirghan. (Read 232 times) previous topic - next topic

For sale: Calfardar - Cbay - Ichtan - Izkand - Tirghan.
Hello everyone,

I'm putting these 5 holdings for sale:

Chuharacua Bay

Human lands will litterally become half empty if Jungle Kingdom leaves and starts seriously living in any of these places.
I love these cities and I would personally much rather live on Yssam. Human lands or Cairn is not my natural environment.

But my clan is just as much a service to this re-launch of Darkfall as it is something I want.
So I'm going to be where the new players want to be. .. I can always find my way to Yssam later if things change.

The game is very active now and I would rather sell now, get a good price and let other clans enjoy these locations.