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Meditation Points
How are you guys getting meditation points? My clans pretty much 99% new players so we cant get any villages, are there any other methods to get large amounts of med points?

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Starter city quests.

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quests, especially repetable ones can give a good amount of meditation. i was doing the repetable to kill trolls north of heart of eanna there was like 10 players on the spot and was making 6k med hour, not too bad.

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(daily) repeatable dungeon quests > (hourly) repeatable outpost/city quest

also veilron/neithal/leenspar chests give med points to the whole grp (idk about selentine)

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Chaos Chests, Key Chests, Maps - all give meditation split between the whole group (well, to anyone who's close enough)

Hourly Quests don't give too much meditation, but it's an always available source, can do it one after another 24/7
Dungeon Quests have a 22h cooldown (starts once you turn it in and get the reward), those can be a pain in the ass to do and rewards vary wildly - some dungeons give as low as 2k meditation, some over 8k.

Regular Quests run out, but they do unlock 3 daily meat quests (merchants at starter cities). Not that great, but 100% safe.

As for villages, you get meditation reward even if you lose, as long as you started capping it ;)

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Re: Meditation Points
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The best option for new player are quests. Dungeon Quests are also good.

My current main source are keys and maps.
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All three starter cities have the quest line so you can get 3x the xp.  You can also do the quest lines for other allied races cities.  Farming mobs that drop keys is a pretty good way to do it as well.  I turned in 4 neithial keys last night for about 7k med per key.