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Wardens looking for small clans to ally with
Wardens is looking for small clans based in the elflands that would want to live out of a player city. We are located in Darkmoore, just on the border of elflands and wolflands.

We are a blue, racially based clan (Elven/Human/Dwarven) and will only ally other blue racially based clans.

-Our criteria is as follows:
-A desire to stay small. We have no desire to be zergy
-Follow common city rules (be geared, defend, adhere to gathering schedules, etc.)
-Be willing to ally our allies. We are in agreement to keep our size small to medium
-Be mature and respectful. Our clan is international, so acceptance of different cultures is a must
-Be in our comms (Discord)
-No ragers
-No hacks, exploits, griefing, etc.

Please send a tell in game to Biash Aldanari or here on the forums for an interview.
Thank you,
Biash Aldanari - General, Wardens