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Code404 Open Enrollment
Code404 (formerly Legion XIII). Is open for recruitment.

We have decided to leave Legion XIII in the past with the old game and recreate a new clan for the new platform of DF. The nostalgia was too real.

As Legion XIII, we are a group of experienced DF players from back in the old days (both EU & NA servers), however, we have picked up some new players on the way as well. For more on our stance in the game and experience, see the previous recruitment thread here:,550.0.html

We will be providing clan members with with technologies to help keep communication going, in and outside of game. such as voip, website, forums, email and web/app chat system. Code404 is also a multi-gaming group. Aside from DF, we also play many other games and we are also an established group on Steam. All are welcome to join, more the merrier!

Some things you should know. This group is rated M for Mature... kinda. While we may goof around and talk smack to each other. It is not for the ears of the younglings. If you can accept criticism, bad jokes and/or sarcasm, you'll fit right in. (no age requirements, just as long as mommy says it's OK, and you don't get kicked off your PC for hearing fuck a few 100 times in voice...). However, we do have our joking aside moments, when we put our game faces on for organized sieges, raiding and pvp etc....

If you are interested in getting more information. Feel free to message me on the forums here. I'm on almost daily.

Clan information will be provided on request.
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