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Yssam Empire treaty
Yssam Empire treaty

The Yssam Empire is an alliance with a unique structure that allows a lot of internal contest and PvP, but maintains the stability and discipline needed to defend its' holdings.

List of Alliance clans



Kingdoms*: Clans controlling a holding on Yssam.
Tribes*: Clans allied to a kingdom.
Rebels: Clans not allied with any kingdom
* Must sign this treaty or be classified as rebel.

§ 1: Kingdoms are obligated to defend other kingdoms when attacked by rebels.
§ 1.1: Tribes are obligated to defend the kingdom(s) that they are allied with.
§ 1.2: Kingdoms are not obligated to defend other kingdoms when attacked by tribes.

§ 2: Kingdoms may not siege each other or assist rebels.
§ 2.1: Kingdoms may assist tribes in sieges against other kingdoms.
§ 2.2: Tribes may have rebel allies.

§ 3: Kingdoms are obligated to ally other kingdoms.
§ 3.1: Kingdoms may not attack members of other kingdoms.
§ 3.2: Kingdoms are not responsible for peace within the territory of their holding.
§ 3.3: Tribes are not obligated to ally all kingdoms.

Breaking these laws will result in the following repercussions:

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Re: Yssam Empire treaty
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Welcome to Yssam!
- Play by the rules and we'll have both the continent, a unique political life and the PvP neccesary to stay sharp and keep the game interesting.
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