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Topic: Son Gohan, Denno Stivpik, NewB-Honorless dogs. Your greed got the better of you. (Read 318 times) previous topic - next topic

Son Gohan, Denno Stivpik, NewB-Honorless dogs. Your greed got the better of you.
I have since the beginning of this game considered Simiran/Son Gohan, Denno and New Bee to be a friendly clan.

I never pursued desirable holdings like Alberworth (owned by Simiran) even when our activity or strength was at a high point and I could easily have won what I wanted.

I always had that deceny, honor and respect for my friends and I never crossed that line. Their land is their land.
There are just some lines that you don't cross if you are a decent person and if you have some credibility.
The same thing happened at Talpec with I Know my Chickens. I showed respect.

Today, I learned that Simiran have no honor and no decency and I feel deeply betrayed and disappointed that they could do such a thing and straight up siege my clan simply out of greed and out of convenience because they see a use for the holding.

Now I see that my friendliness and respect was misplaced and totally undeserved. They are nothing but honorless dogs, who have lost their way and become corrupt. Sadly, this is what playing this game for an extended period of time does to some people.

They forget normal friendly decency and shit all over their relations with other clans and people at the first and most convenient opportunity. It is so shameful that I'm deeply disappointed with you.

Well, now I'm never going to be nice to you people ever again. And I hope a pixel bank at the center of the map was worth losing your dignity and my friendship over.

I hope you will regret breaking your ties with me when this game launches, and it will be full of people and large clans because your clan isn't capable of anything except small scale skullduggery in an empty game.

Choke on Elish for all I care. Now I see you for what you really are. You have very poor morals and you should be ashamed of yourselves.