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Gonna be a Wolfdood

I like to snipe shit in the face, run around in circles generally a fan of explosions and good melee combat when I find my niche weapon

Ive been gaming for 26 years.

us vet, college student, and I'm chasin the dirty thirty.
played DFUW as Bones Darksky, Noxcore Paragon, Karatos Darksoul, Kraegon Ctharon, and Bone Keeper

I hate politics, I like a good General and I don't like to become the good General.

willing to learn.

not interested in massive zergy shit, not my style.  not interested in rage cases or people too over emotional about getting pvped.

I'm an asshole and I enjoy mental warfare aspect of the game.

but most of all, I'm willing to follow directions, learn the game, and play classes I usually hate just to obtain the mastery and knowledge to perfect my style.

I like to execute plans to a surgical precision.

I also like a good mentor.

willing to hop in any VC.

will not use my forum name IG